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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Scavenging those photos again :)

I had such a good time collecting pics for Rinda's Photography Scavenger Hunt last year :) Even though I haven't been commenting on many blogs lately, I have been trying to visit when I can and see what you're all up to, and I kept an eye out on Rinda's blog for any mention of another Hunt this year - I was delighted when I spotted this :)

Now, those of you who know me at all will not be surprised to hear that I decided to make the accomplishment of this challenge a little bit more complicated for myself than it ever needed to be. (And that sentence was quite convoluted enough that those of you who didn't already know me will now not be surprised to hear that I overcomplicated the challenge as much as I do my syntax!) So, even though Rinda gave us a good couple of months to find the 21 items on the list, I decided to give myself just 1 week. Our holiday week, to be precise - the week The Doctor, The Children, The Mother and I spent in a cottage near Whitby on the NE coast of England, the week before last. Of course, when I looked at the list properly when we arrived on holiday I realised just how many of the trickier items I could already have ticked off if I'd started on 19th June as we were allowed to, but hey, why would I want to make things easy for myself?!

1. Pier

Two for the price of one! A view of the East and West Piers at Whitby.

Views of the piers from a boat - we took a trip up the coast a short way.

The view from the beach within the harbour - with The Children in the foreground :)

2. A clothesline

There was one in the grounds of the holiday cottages where we were staying, but I never actually saw any washing hanging on it! But I also spotted these colourful towels hanging from one in Scarborough :)

3. A border

I wasn't sure how I'd find a border, since we didn't plan to leave the country - or even the county! But then we spotted two dogs being walked in the grounds of Whitby Abbey, and The Mother happened to mention that one of them was a border (as in terrier). I had the lens cap off the camera and was zooming in before she'd finished speaking....! The Tomboy met another border of the terrier variety in Pickering, too :)

But I also managed to spot a couple of borders of different kinds in Whitby - a decorative border on a parking sign, and a herbaceous border outside a row of little houses :)

4. A roadside stand selling something

There were a couple of roadside stands in Whitby - the handmade rope was a novelty, while the souvenirs and ice cream were more usual!

I know the WHSmith stand at Pickering station isn't actually selling anything, but I thought it was great so I thought you might like to see it too :) And then we also found a stall selling handbags in Scarborough - though the road was pedestrianised, so I'm not sure if it counts?

5. A train

We got to Pickering by steam train :) Isn't it beautiful?

I spotted these two toy trains in a Pickering shop The Children insisted on visiting...

And here's our train on the way home - by sitting in the last carriage, I managed to get a good view of the engine as it went round a curve in the line :)

But that wasn't the last train we saw on holiday - because when we went to Scarborough, we took a (not all that miniature!) miniature train ride to the Sea Life Centre - and just before the (not all that miniature) miniature train arrived, we spotted a couple of mechanical rides on the platform, too :)

6. A historical landmark

Well, how about this monument outside a Whitby church?

Nah, it's got to be Whitby Abbey :) What better historical landmark in the area? (Though here's a shot of Pickering Castle as a bonus!)

7. A person playing a musical instrument

I got this one ticked off on our first full day - background music in the pub where we had a most delicious Sunday lunch :)

But I also saw this rather more unusual person playing this rather more unusual instrument in Scarborough later in the week!

Right, I think I'll leave it there for my first instalment - part 2 to follow :)

This post was brought to you by Rinda's 2012 Photography Scavenger Hunt

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Hunting scavengers (or something like that...)

My dear blog friends - I can't believe it's taking me so long to get back into the swing of things! I keep thinking that life will settle down and I'll get my routine going again, but it just hasn't happened yet :( I owe several of you emails and all of you blog visits, but I've barely had the computer on at all this week! I'll do my best to give you the attention you deserve asap, please don't for one moment think I've forgotten you xx

In the knowledge that Rinda's scavenger hunt finishes very soon, here's a quick round up of a few more of my finds:

#8 was my country's flag. I debated whether to count myself as English or UK for this one, then figured I'd just see what flags of either I could spot!

I guess I'm English then... ;)

And look, I'm in the shot!!

A festival or fair for #9? Ought to be easy enough, we get plenty of summer fairs in England!

The Tomboy won a coconut at a local garden centre fair

And The Boy won some toy cars at a local village fair!

For #10, I needed a wooden bridge. A trip to a big park near where we live gave me plenty of opportunities :)

The Tomboy came along to help

At this early stage I was still experimenting with showing off my photography skills!

We liked this painted wooden bridge

Really attractive!

This one was rather plainer, but clearly wooden!

#11 was a forest.

The Children, The Mother and I took a picnic to a forest nearish where we live.

It is indeed quite possible that we made the trip at least partly so I could get the photos...

We also saw some forests of bamboo while we were away :)

#12, a unicycle, was challenging!

We cheekily photographed this sign in the library...

But we got lucky at the aforementioned village fair - sadly we didn't see the entertainer riding it, but we did see a real unicycle!

For #13 I was looking for a cemetary of historical significance or with an interesting story. Hence dragging my poor The Children to Hollywood Forever....

It felt a bit odd taking photos of graves, but it was interesting to see the resting places of Johnny Ramone and Mel Blanc (epitaph: That's All, Folks!)

I had no doubt I'd be able to get #14, a castle.

Sure enough, in July we had a family day out which included a visit to a castle!

And we saw this rather well-known castle in August...

This last, though, is actually a house which is on the same road as the house we rented in Pasadena!

Phew! 14 out of 14 - looking good so far.... But 7 more items on the list! Another update will follow :)