Online classes past and present

Online classes or projects I've completed, I'm currently working on, or I'm planning to start!

A free class by Shimelle which ran right through 2011; I haven't completed layouts for all the months but I probably will at some point! Those I have done so far can be seen here

A blog hop based around projects inspired by the free All About Me class at Big Picture Scrapbooking (now Big Picture Classes). To see all posts related to All About Me, click here

An art journaling class - not yet started, oops!

An online class by Shimelle. To see all posts related to this class, click here - and my posts for the follow-up class, Beyond Blogging for Scrapbookers, can be seen here

An annual challenge to blog every day through October! I first took part in 2009. Click here to see the relevant posts

I took part again in 2010. To see my posts, click here

And, of course, I joined in again in 2011! Those posts are here

Another class from Big Picture Classes. Click here to see related posts (still working through this class)

A challenge blog that ran for 2 weeks in June 2010. My posts are here

An online crop run by Shimelle. I made several projects inspired by this but for now can't find an easy link to them! *To be edited*

Clair and Katherine ran this meme for while through 2009-2010. My posts can be found here

Another of Shimelle's classes. Click here to see my posts

I first took part in Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas class in 2009. You can find my posts here

And more JYC in 2010! My posts are here

And my JYC 2011 posts will follow soon...

A food-themed blog hop organised by Amy. My post is here

Love Your Pictures, Love Your Pages - by Shimelle. You can see all my related posts here

My first ever online class in 2009! Click here for my posts

And I took part again in 2010; my posts are here

And my 2011 posts can be found here

April 2011: I took part in a Mail Art Exchange run by Ginger - my piece is revealed here! I took part again in September; that piece will be revealed soon :)

I took the Me In My Moleskine class with Kirsty Wiseman in June 2011. My project can be seen here

A Cathy Zielske class from Big Picture Classes. My posts are here (still in progress)

A lovely pass it forward project coordinated by Sian. I've been lucky enough to read a couple of the books and my responses to them can be found here

Another Shimelle class, Pretty Paper Party, and one that inspired me to make a LOT of layouts!! You can see them here

Taking a photo a day through 2010! And I continued it through 2011. My photos are here

Scrap Your Day was an online class by Shimelle which I missed when it was live, so I did it through 2010 instead. My related posts are here

This class is available on Two Peas - my posts are here

Free Skinny Mini eCourse covering Photoshop techniques. My posts to follow!

Another online class from Shimelle. You can see my posts by clicking here

A Shimelle challenge. My response is here

A class to develop journaling, from Shimelle. All my related posts can be seen here

Yes, a Shimelle class! My project is here