A Melsh-English Dictionary

NB: In the traditions of pretty much any language, I freely borrow words and phrases as I come across them and adopt them into my lexicon!

50 million: A generic term for 'a lot'. Some might say it's an exaggeration, but it seems a nice descriptive number to me. Useful in phrases such as 'I've got 50 million books to mark!' or 'I've told you 50 million times to tidy your room!'

Christmas is ruined!: It doesn't actually have to be Christmas, it could be a holiday, a meal, anything that should be special. This phrase is only to be used when something tiny and unimportant has gone wrong, and suggesting that the event is ruined is a massive overreaction.

Chuffed: Very pleased about something, often with a tinge of pride. Can be used as part of the phrase chuffed to bits.

Dalek go-balls: We started eating these in January last year, after a spoonerism of The Tomboy's. They're much more interesting than garlic doughballs! ;-)

Determinded (pronounced detter-mine-ded): Meaning determined, this came about when The Brother declared how 'detter-mine-ded' he was to do something. We all adopted this new word immediately.

Doofer: Remote control. As in, the thing you use to 'do for' the TV. (Melsh words do not always make sense, OK?!)

Eyebrax: A word of Australian origin. Many thanks to Amy's The Four Year Old who coined this delightful and useful contraction of 'eyebrow wax'.

Gazinta: The mathematical notation for division. It helps you work out, for example, how many times 5 'gazinta' 40.

I quote Kate: Some time ago, Kate described how a layout wasn't quite working out as she'd intended, but she just said 'Sod it!' and got on with it. As regular readers will know, I don't swear, so instead of saying 'Sod it!' when an idea isn't quite working out, I say 'I quote Kate!'

Losables: This one is thanks to Lord Tim of Holtz :-) On my ArtsyCrafts day (which I think I've mentioned once or twice?!) Tim talked about the little plastic bag of 'losables' in our kit - so called because as soon as you open the bag you're likely to lose them! Isn't it a great word? :-)

Lurgy: Illness of any kind, such as a bad cold, tummy bug, headache, etc.

Melshionary: Alternative name for this very document, the Melsh-English dictionary, provided in beautiful form by K.

Ruffles: An alternative word for the chest area. Must be accompanied by circular hand gestures. Origin known but not shared here in case it causes anyone embarrassment.

Stickify: A verb meaning 'to make sticky by applying glue'. Usefully contributed by Lizzie.