Blog of the Week

I used to have a blogroll in my sidebar, where I listed all the blogs I visited regularly. Then I started to worry that maybe I'd accidentally upset or offend someone if I didn't include their blog there (plus I have so many blogs I love to visit that the list had gotten extremely long and unwieldy). I've now reduced it to a handful of 'professional' blogs (although now I worry that if you don't see your blog there you'll be upset or offended that I think you're unprofessional. You see what I do to myself? *sigh!*)

The thing is, having that blogroll there was a good way of pointing visitors to my blog towards all the lovely, interesting, thought-provoking, inspiring, funny, clever, witty, beautiful, creative, imaginative and generally all-round wonderful posts that I was enjoying. Ever since I took that list down, I'd been wondering how else I might share the bloggy goodness I know of, without upsetting or offending anyone.

Well, I suspect that there is no way to do it that is guaranteed not to upset or offend (or make me overthink things), but I had this little idea brewing for a while - and I launched it in March 2011 :-)

I can't promise to share a post every single week, but I shall try to do it as often as possible. I'm going to pick one of the blogs that I know and love, and I'm going to tell you a bit about it. I'm going to share my (sometimes hitherto jealously guarded) links so that you too can laugh, cry, gasp, re-read, appreciate, nod in agreement, jump around the room in excitement, sit back in awe, bookmark, scraplift, quote and fall just a little bit in love with some wonderfully talented bloggers that you may not yet have met. And, so as to try not to upset or offend, sometimes I'll have a particular reason for picking that blog in that week, but often it will purely be a lucky dip from my lengthy blogroll. However I pick that week's blog, if it's you I hope you'll enjoy a bit of appreciation and maybe some extra traffic. And for everyone else, I hope it's a chance to discover some new favourites :-)

But how to choose? How on earth to choose?! Well, I'm not going to agonise about it too much; I'm not going to go on about it too much; and I don't plan to be consistent, either. That should make life easier! So I shall explain why I love a particular blog, but I won't bother with even trying to explain why I chose it that particular week (unless there actually is a particular reason for choosing it that particular week, of course).
Oh, and because I overcomplicate things as well as overthinking them, I've designed a little badge!

Or, OK, not so little.... Though it can of course be posted at a smaller size?! But anyway, each blogger who is featured as my Blog of the Week is welcome to copy this image, post it to their blog, use it as their avatar, add it to their CV, print it off poster size and wallpaper their house with it, or indeed just quietly ignore it. (I promise not to be upset or offended....)

Here you can find details of all the Blog of the Week winners so far, and links to the post where I share a bit about their blog:

24th March 2011: Rinda at Gallo Organico

15th April 2011: Tummy Mountain

5th May 2011: Clair at Obstinate Pursuit

20th May 2011: Shimelle

9th June 2011: Eve at Evalicious