Thursday, 19 January 2017

Where Are We Now?

Hello, hello! How are you? And - how are we?! Let's find out...

The Boy is now 17. (Yes, 17!! This year he'll turn 18!! How is this possible?!) He took his GCSEs in the summer and did really well, and is now taking A-Levels in Biology, Psychology, History and Music. He's still playing his tuba and is working towards Grade 8 with the hope that he can complete it during Sixth Form. We're starting to think about university applications - yikes! - and although he's not yet sure exactly where he wants to study he'll probably do a biology degree of some kind.

The Tomboy is 14 and has started her GCSE courses. She's particularly enjoying Computer Science and wants to pursue this to a higher level; she's also attended various workshops and short courses to learn coding and other computer skills. Ideally she'll combine her creativity (particularly in her writing) with her interest in technology in some way. We're currently arranging some work experience for her so she can see what might be possible. She still plays drums (hooray for electronic drum kits...), is about to graduate from Scouts, is working towards her Duke of Edinburgh Award and generally keeps herself very busy!

The Doctor published his latest book last autumn, after 15 years of research and writing. It's early days for reviews yet but the feedback so far has been very positive. He was promoted to Reader (a step up from Senior Lecturer) in December. Yes, after all these years, he can finally read! We're very proud... ;) Work is, as always, keeping him very busy, but he's enjoying it - mostly, anyway! He's also starting preaching on an occasional basis at our church, and gets a lot of satisfaction from studying passages of the Bible to greater depth and really getting his teeth into them.

Me? I'm still working full-time as a Teaching Assistant, with a nice mixture of classroom support and teaching maths to small groups or individuals to either support or extend. This role suits me so well - I get to use my teaching skills without all the stress, admin and responsibility that goes with being a teacher! I also maintain the school website and supervise the (supposedly) pupil-run tuck shop, which adds interesting variety. The job is never boring, that's for sure... I avidly follow Hereford FC (the new incarnation of Hereford United) and after a fabulous season last year got to see them play at Wembley! OK, we lost, but to be honest it didn't matter all that much - we played at Wembley!!

Our love of travel continues and we generally have at least one trip booked to look forward to. Last year we went to Berlin at Easter and to Iceland in the summer (wow - just wow!) This year our plans include Poland and Costa Rica. The list of places we want to see doesn't ever seem to grow smaller, though!

In very sad news, The Mother-In-Law died in December. While her health had not been good for a while her final illness was sudden and quick. She's a much-loved and much-missed mother, mother-in-law and grandmother.

And so, that's where we are now. I do miss my regular blogging but realised some time ago that it just wasn't compatible with increasing family commitments and a full-time job. This post now is only possible because unfortunately I'm off work this week due to labyrinthitis :( It's unlikely to herald a new era of frequent blog updates I'm afraid, but it's been good to at least manage this one! x


alexa said...

And it's just lovely to see you, Mel! I have kept you (and will continue to keep you!) in my Feedly reader, just in case. I'm sorry to hear about your mum-im-law :(, and send you warm good wishes ... Great to read how you are all thriving and growing in all kinds of ways, and achieving success. Will always be glad to hear from you and of you xx Alexa

Lynn said...

Mel - good to hear all is well. Thought of you when i knew Hereford were going to Wembley!!! Sorry to hear of your loss. My blogging came to an end when my job went full time - something had to give! Keep well. Lynn

Jo said...

It's great to see you pop up on my blog feed again! Sorry to hear about your mother in law. It looks like you've been having a good time apart from that. I hope you feel better soon x

Jane said...

that was a lovely treat, seeing you on my blog feed. So sorry for your loss. We keep thinking about visiting Iceland, maybe this year! x

Ruth said...

Well, hello! I almost missed you in my feed, then I paused and scrolled back up the screen ... lovely to see you post. Although I see you on my less than regular visits to FB, it is lovely to see and hear you on I Speak Melsh.
I'm sorry to hear about your MiL, it's never easy.
Sending you a cyber hug.

debs14 said...

How great to see your blog pop up with a new post - it's been far too long! Lovely to catch up on what you are all up to, it seems only yesterday that your boy was starting secondary school and here he is, ready to move onto the next stage.
Hope you get better soon x