Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Bookish {January Edition}

A few years ago, on a whim, I decided to photograph every book I read through the year.

This year, on a whim, I decided to photograph every book I read through the year.

Or, at least, to start with January and see how it went...

And, reading-wise, January went pretty well!

 I try to read my Bible every day, and these reading notes help me to do so

 A couple of photography books, bought for joyously low sums as both were second-hand. Apologies for the title of the second, it's just photos of dogs!

 This one came to me highly recommended. In truth, I didn't think so highly of it myself - there was one part that 'got' me, but the rest not so much. Shame :(

 Some light relief! The Doctor's gift from Santa (who always, very kindly, brings us a book each for Christmas)

 The first prompted me to reread the second - I studied the General Prologue at A-level, 'twas interesting to revisit it!

 Let's just say, we have exciting plans for later this year... :)

 Came across a recommendation and the premise of this book intrigued me. I found it an interesting read

 I'm particularly interested in reading about photography at the moment!

 Picked this up cheaply thinking it might be suitable for The Tomboy, and read it first to check. It was, and she's reading her way through it daily now

More plans! Hoping for a short break in this area at some point

Ah, it's so good to rediscover the joy of reading, even if I only forget it for a short while due to the bustling busy rushing around of work and life in general...

What are you reading at the moment?

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Going Postal

Don't you just love Sian? She has the most wonderful ideas :) One of her latest was to organise a Pile of Postcards Valentine Exchange - ooh, yes please! I said, as fast as I could type it*

*Faster, it turns out. But I edited my response so it made sense, so that was OK...

I had a very happy time finding postcards that I loved/that made me smile/that spoke to me of a particular person/all of the above (yay Paperchase!):

Then I had another very happy time writing little notes to the intended recipients, those on the list from Sian plus a few bonus cards because it seemed like a good opportunity!
Off they went, popped into the lovely traditional red postbox round the corner, then by plane, train, automobile and postman's shoe leather to drop through letterboxes far and wide.
And then? Ah, happy time upon happy time as my own postie was kept busy! First to land on my doormat was this beauty from Ladkyis. Lovely Tintern Abbey, a big church indeed! ;)

Hot on its heels was this rather gorgeous and much-loved pooch from Deb. The Tomboy was particularly delighted to see a dog pic arrive!

Coincidentally, but in a rather timely manner, a card from Ruth happened to arrive this week too! And it made me smile :)

Clever Sian remembered a conversation we'd had - ooh, years ago! And clever me remembered it too, and realised who this card must be from before I even turned it over :) Happy memories!

And the same day (yesterday, in fact) brought this pretty and inspiring card from Sandra - another Paperchase shopper, I see! She has good taste ;)

Today, the Day of St Valentine, brought to me a well-travelled card from Katie in New Zealand :) Now that's somewhere I'd love to visit one day! (How gorgeous is the light in this photo?!)

By my calculations, there may well be another card finding its way here - that's something to look forward to :) Better keep a little bit of space on my mantelpiece...

Many thanks Sian for organising this rather lovely and wonderful thing. And Happy Valentine's Day, one and all! Wishing you a fantabulous day xxx