Monday, 28 January 2013

In Loving Memory

Today is the funeral of my aunt, who passed away on 9th January. Sadly, as we feared, my uncle struggled to go on without her and was  reunited with her on Saturday evening. Unfortunately I can't be at my aunt's funeral today but my thoughts are very much with my family, particularly my cousins who have now lost both their parents in such a short space of time.

RIP Auntie J and Uncle K. We remember you both with much love and fondness. And to my cousins, A and N, we send all our love and sympathy. Our thoughts and prayers are with you x

Sunday, 20 January 2013

A Sticky Situation... a good way! :)

On Friday I had my latest appointment with the physiotherapist. He did a fair bit of manipulation of my poor ankle, which I'm still feeling the after-effects of now, but he's pleased with my progress and agreed to exchange my crutches for a walking stick :) Bye bye crutches!! After 3 1/2 months I wasn't sorry to hand them back ;)

I had to personalise it with washi tape, of course...
In practice, I only even need the stick if I'm going down steps with no handrail, or if conditions are particularly icy (like, um, the last few days have been!) Yes, that is progress indeed :)
Now, if only the aching would stop, and I could recover the full range of motion in my ankle, and I could drive again..... But I'm doing my best to be patient and focus on how far I've come and not how far I still have to go!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

My precioussssss..... {January edition}

Is it just me? I couldn't help myself - when Sian suggested that we share our 'precious' for Storytelling Sunday, I couldn't help but think of Gollum in The Lord of the Rings!

But actually, that made me think of something that is very precious to me:

Photo taken as part of the 12 Days of Christmas photography workshop
This is my engagement ring, given to me by my lovely The Doctor just over 17 years ago (yikes!! I feel old now!!) I described the kind of ring I wanted (a ruby surrounded by diamonds - though I was happy to settle for cubic zirconia as a cheaper option!) but he found exactly the right ring all by himself - and it did have diamonds :) We were both students and there wasn't a lot of spare cash around, but he had some savings and while it may not be the most expensive ring in the world it's very valuable to me because of all it represents.
Sadly, I can't actually wear it any more - neither can I wear my wedding ring, or the eternity ring  The Doctor gave me for our 10th wedding anniversary :( I'm prone to eczema on my hands, and wearing the rings gave me frequent flare-ups :( Instead, I wear a new, very narrow, gold wedding band which is slightly too big for me, and which doesn't seem to give me the same problem. We did look into getting the other rings enlarged but that wasn't really possible, and even looser they may well have aggravated the eczema - not to mention that I'd be scared of losing them! So instead they live in a special little jewellery box in my bedroom.
I do miss glancing down to my hand to see my precious ring, but I have it safely tucked away, and what it represents I can always carry with me :)
This post was brought to you by Sian's Storytelling Sundays (slightly late thanks to Blogger not wanting to let me upload photos and even later due to me being offline most of this week!)

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Passing the Book to...

Hello folks! Sorry for the sporadic blogging at the moment - looks like that's how it'll be for the time being, but I will try to blog and comment as and when I can. We're all OK, just very busy, with various things keeping me offline, but nothing's wrong, don't worry :)

Anyway, I promised to pick the next recipient of Creative Stamping for Scrapbookers today; I asked The Tomboy to help me and she randomly chose Jennie! Congratulations, Jennie :) Could you please let me have your address - email me on ispeakmelsh{at}hotmail{dot}com - and I'll get to the Post Office as soon as I can, and get it on its way to you.

Thanks again to Melissa for starting this book on its journey!

PS I'm getting a LOT of spam comments at the moment so I've disabled anonymous commenting (for now, at least). I'd much rather do that than add word verification (which drives me mad, so I wouldn't want to inflict it on you!!) I don't think it'll make much difference to most people who comment regularly on here but apologies if it does make things harder for any of you x

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Pass the Book

Oops, I do believe I'd better let someone else have a chance to read this...

Many thanks to Melissa, who started it on its journey! Here's some information about how Pass The Book works, but basically, if you'd like to read it then leave a comment on this post saying so, and I'll pick a name at random next Saturday (12th January - round about lunchtime GMT) and send it on to that person, wherever in the world they may be. If you're the lucky recipient then you'll need to do a similar blog post in about a month's time and pass it on to someone else. It only has a few more months travelling to do before returning to Melissa, so good luck if you'd like to read it!
I had hoped to make a project or two inspired by the book and share those with you now, but time has run away with me! However, I did find plenty of inspiration within its pages and have made lots of notes :) I often use post-it notes as temporary bookmarks to note pages I want to return to - look how many post-it bookmarks this book merited:
So I've got my notes carefully tucked away, and I look forward to trying stamping with bleach, spritz stamping, resist stamping, stamping onto cork and glass and modelling paste, and much more! Would you like to take some inspiration from this lovely book, too? Leave your comment, and let's Pass The Book... :)

Friday, 4 January 2013

20:12 20/12/2012

Of course I didn't let this one pass me by either! With apologies to American friends whose different way of writing the date meant that this special combination didn't occur....

At 12 minutes past 8 in the evening on 20th December 2012, I was reaching up to fetch Pride and Prejudice from the shelf so I could re-read it once again :)

(The Doctor said to me "Isn't it about the 12th time you've read that?" - and he wasn't even trying to fit the theme! Unfortunately I think he underestimated; I can't be sure exactly how many times I HAVE read it, but it's probably nearer 20.... I read it twice last year alone!)

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Project 366: December

Before we get too far into 2013, here's the end of 2012!

1st: The Doctor's birthday, and The Tomboy made his cake under my direction!
2nd: Toy Service at church (we donate toys for local children who might not otherwise get any Christmas gifts at all)
3rd: Worked on some assignments for my TA course
4th: Cold, dark, rainy day!
5th: Made a special pop-out carousel card with my papercrafts class
6th: Back in real shoes!!
7th: The Boy turned 13
8th: The Boy's friends came round for a sleepover party, and agreed to pose for me - as long as their faces were hidden...
9th: The Father came to visit, bringing The Boy's birthday gift with him
10th: Made some decoupage Christmas cards
11th: Hereford took Cheltenham to a replay in the FA Cup! (And lost it, sadly...)
12th: We had snow!! In an extremely localised snow shower - just a mile in either direction they hadn't had any snow at all...
13th: Look, no crutches! In the house, at least, though I still had them for when I ventured outside :)
14th: Made origami Santas with the Connect group
15th: We put the Christmas decorations up
16th: I made dozens of mince pies!
17th: Imagine photo here! The Tomboy had had the idea to produce a school newspaper. She met the Headteacher to discuss it, put together a team, commissioned articles, wrote many of them herself, typed it all up, took it to the Head for approval, printed it and sold it round school!
18th: Lots of gift wrapping completed
19th: We hosted the House Group Christmas social
20th: Imagine photo here! End of term Christmas service, led by The Tomboy's class
21st: There weren't any delivery slots left at Asda, so I had to go to the store, with the help of The Doctor, The Tomboy and a mobility scooter!
22nd: Family trip to the cinema, to see The Hobbit (pretty good, if rather long, but I'm reserving judgement till I've seen all 3 of the trilogy)
23rd: Made a start on the trifle
24th: All set for the big day!
25th: I got some lovely gifts :)
26th: We played the new Lego Hobbit board game
27th: I had lots of fun playing my new Lego Lord of the Rings Wii game!
28th: The Doctor drove us to visit his parents
29th: We went out for a family meal with The Parents-In-Law and The Sister-In-Law and her family
30th: A lovely lazy day with the Sunday papers
31st: A quiet New Year's Eve in with a curry in front of the TV :)

(The Doctor's birthday cake is a repeat photo to fill the gap! After all, you can't have too much chocolate cake...)

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Overseas friends!

I fear I may have slightly missed the last posting date.... But your Christmas cards are on their way at last!!

You could always save them till Christmas 2013 instead?!

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!

From the Melsh family to yours, wishing you all a very happy and healthy 2013 :)