Saturday, 15 December 2012

Project 366: November

A rather overdue look at November's daily pics!

1st: Getting used to having the cast off! Still a fair bit of swelling and bruising :(
2nd: A lovely visit from Ruth and her The Boy Child :)
3rd: A lovely Skype chat with Amy :)
4th: The Tomboy did the reading in church, and did it beautifully!
5th: Fireworks, captured from our doorstep using my new zoom lens :)
6th: First Christmas choir rehearsal of 2012! (Sadly, also the only one I managed to get to :( No Christmas choir for me this year, though I look forward to attending the carol service tomorrow evening at least)
7th: Iris folding with my papercrafts class
8th: Physiotherapy begins!
9th: I managed to get to the theatre to see a performance of The Sound of Music, in which a pupil (the daughter of a friend of mine) played Marta :)
10th: We went out as a family for the first time in weeks! Mexican food at Chiquito's, yum
11th: Remembrance Sunday
12th: Some prep for teaching probability to my Year 6 group
13th: Hooray for online shopping! A batch of Christmas gifts arrived
14th: I made it to a real, actual shop - bought a couple of things then settled in their Costa corner with a gingerbread latte :)
15th: Final preparation for a group presentation on educational theorists as part of my TA course
16th: A much needed quiet day with plenty of putting my feet up!
17th: A kind friend brought round a homecooked dinner for us in a cute Red Riding Hood basket :)
18th: Amy's sermon in church was beautiful - encouraging yet challenging yet supportive
19th: Struggled at work :( But everyone was very kind and looked after me well
20th: A tiny treat to help me through the day!
21st: The physiotherapist was pleased with the progress my ankle had made :)
22nd: Origami with my papercrafts class
23rd: The Asda delivery
24th: My darling The Doctor, engrossed by a football match on TV
25th: Currently (at the time!) re-reading The Lord of the Rings
26th: Got a £5 off voucher for our next Asda shop, yay!
27th: A beautifully packaged order arrived from Julie :)
28th: My final appointment at the fracture clinic, and I managed to get a quick snap of my x-ray on screen!
29th: Lots of lovely people have been helping us out with lifts, particularly with getting The Tomboy to and from school
30th: *blush!* Slightly embarrassed that I won TWO prizes in the raffle at the school's Christmas Fair - if I'd been there in person I'd have asked them to put the second ticket back and draw again, but as I wasn't The Tomboy was all too eager to claim the prize on my behalf!


Rhona said...

What a lovely round up of your month, I love this collage idea. Have a great weekend Mel :) x

helena said...

great illustration of how photo a day can capture what is happening - love the photo of The Dr and taking a photo of the closed curtain on stage is a great idea for capturing a theatre visit and well done on getting the xray photo

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Wonderful collection of photos!

Melissa said...

Mel, I'm so glad you are continuing to improve! Did you every imagine at the beginning of the year how many of your 365 photos would feature your feet? :>)

Abi said...

I like these photos Mel but I particularly liked scrolling down and discovering that you are crutches free! hallelujah! xxx

Louise said...

a nice selection of photos Mel x

alexa said...

Lovely to have the gaps filled in - and you clearly have some lovely supportive friends :). The collage effect is great for an overview. So glad you are now mobile :).

Sian said...

It's good to hear that you are continuing to make progress. I love the idea of dinner brought in a basket - very chic!

Missus Wookie said...

Dinner in a basket sounds very sensible, so glad you have supportive friends still helping out. Yeah for PT, no crutches and getting out to various places (coffee and a treat is always good). I've been really enjoying skype visits just lately - so blessed to be able to see/talk to people when they are far away :)

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Great collection of photos, Mel. I laughed at the end because I could just picture The Tomboy being excited for a second prize!