Saturday, 3 November 2012

Thankfulness 1

I've made a start on the gratitude project I mentioned yesterday :)

I love Cathy's idea to share our pages on Fridays, but in practice I know it's more likely to be Saturdays for me! It'll usually be the evening by the time I make each day's page, and the light is so dire that I'd rather photograph it the following day. But this post is still in the spirit of Cathy's Share-a-Page Fridays....!

I'm still pretty limited in what I can actually reach of my craft supplies, but I was very keen to do something paper based rather than digitising this project. I've missed cutting and sticking!! I did have a few bits and pieces available, mainly because I never quite tidied away my craft stuff from making my Learn Something New Every Day art journal (ahem....) But I knew I'd have to keep things simple, and make sure this was a project I could do on the sofa, too.

So, I found another of the cute little notebooks I picked up when looking for something to hold my notes for LSNED. I may do something with the cover at some point to make it clearer what's inside, but for now I'm leaving it as is:

How cute is that?!

The notebook is quite small, about 5 1/2 x 3 inches, so I'm using my little PoGo printer and trimming the photos down to fit. Other than that, I'm just using a few stamps that were still out (because I didn't get round to tidying up before the accident), black ink (because I can't reach the coloured ones), and some scraps of washi tape (because washi tape makes me happy!) The rest is just my journaling - which is the most important part of the project for me anyway! :)

Here are the first 2 pages then:

Getting out to my TA course on Thursday evening was just what I needed - I'd had quite a difficult day, but the evening was fun, and interesting, and useful, and entertaining.... Perfect :)

Friday had to be about Ruth, of course :) Partly about her visit on the day, but more about her friendship, for which I am thankful indeed :)

So there you go - very simple pages, which is all I can manage right now really, but enough to make me feel like I'm creating something :) Stamping's a bit dodgy, but that's because I'm doing it on my lap, and I'm not bothered about that really. I'm embracing the imperfections! And I'm getting those thankful thoughts down, which is kind of the point after all.....

The only thing is, I'd planned to use both sides of each page to make the project fit, but as you can see the ink shows through! That means I'll need to send out a tame* husband or child to the shop where I found this notebook and hope they can find one from the same range for 'Volume 2'!

*Yes, that's the tricky bit - not sure my own husband and children quite fit that description, anyone got one they can lend me?!


Emily D. said...

This is a fantastic album!! I love the size!! And all of that journaling! I need to start journaling more. Honestly, if I never knew you were limited in your crafting, I still think this is fantastic!! I also am going to see about getting one of those printers for my photos!

Tammy said...

This is awesome!! You are one talented lady, my friend. :)

Maria Ontiveros said...

Good job "just getting it done."
In the end, I think the journaling will mean more than accurate stamping in this project.

Fiona@staring at the sea said...

It looks pretty perfect to me. Love that chevron stamp.

scrappyjacky said...

I agree with Rinda.....and you could add some pretty paper to the 'stamped through' side.

Missus Wookie said...

Agreeing with the 'getting it done' group - yeah for managing to cut and stick :)

My first thought was to add some pretty paper to the stamped through bits too.

Hope you get a vol 2, take a photo of vol 1, print it out and send that with them so the shop assistant has an image to work from. Wookie takes photos now and keeps them on his phone ;)

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I suggest sending them out with a photo of the notebook if not with the actual notebook itself. I find this lowers the margin for error significantly

Anonymous said...

Love how you're doing this!

Amy said...

Stacey is a very wise woman!

It's coming together really well Mel, seeing it flat and on the blog, it actually looks good missing those back pages. The little photos are super cute too!

alexa said...

It's all the more wonderful for the way in which you are tackling it, Mel - so simply, with what is at hand. :)

Anonymous said...

I like your notebook and simple is always a good thing.
Thanks for sharing!

The Mann Fam said...

Love how your project it coming along.

If you can't get another book I agree about covering the page with the ink bleed through with paper. Or alternate putting the picture on the lower portion of the page so it will cover the ink that bled through.

Karen said...

It looks like the perfect solution, Mel. Love the way the it's coming together. Sometimes simple is the very best. And the Washi tape is perfect.

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

I'm not sure I could EVER convince Doug to go purchase a craft supply for me. ;o)

I love this book, Mel. The simplicity of it is what makes it so charming. Well done!