Thursday, 1 November 2012

Project 366: October

Oh my gosh, where did October go?! I seem to have spent almost the entire month on my sofa.... Nevertheless, I managed to get a photo of each day, and here they are :) (I'm sticking with the collage format that we all seem to like!)

1st: Imagine photo here! The Tomboy was on a school residential trip, and I was sent some photos so I could upload them to the school's Twitter account
2nd: There was a mix-up and there was no supply teacher for the first lesson with Year 2. I was there in my voluntary TA role, and there were clear notes from the teacher (who was actually away with The Tomboy's class on their trip) so I stepped in and taught the first lesson till supply arrived.
3rd: I picked up a pumpkin - for baking purposes rather than carving!
4th: The accident actually happened late on the previous day, but so late that it was midnight when we got to A&E, so I count the drama as being on the 4th really! Once I'd caught up on some sleep, I spent the day on the sofa resting my 'sprained ankle', as instructed
5th: The swelling and bruising had developed nicely! Luckily I have these very comfortable fluffy slippers that were flexible enough to fit....
6th: Hooray for online grocery shopping. It's been a lifeline since my accident!
7th: Imagine photo here! By now I was trying to get about a bit, again following instructions, so I struggled in to church (partly to see just what I could manage, as at that stage I was hoping to return to work the next day. How little I knew!)
8th: I made some pumpkin and ginger muffins, based on a recipe from Shimelle :)
9th: I taught myself to cast on!
10th: I was still trying to get around, though I was finding it more difficult and painful than I expected. I took The Tomboy to a secondary school's open evening, and she had an encounter with a van de Graaff generator :)
11th: Hospital appointment - and it turned out I'd actually broken my foot...
12th: I received a lovely package from a kind and thoughtful blog friend :)
13th: Imagine photo here! I needed to check delivery details; I'd ordered my birthday present, a new zoom lens for my camera, and it was supposed to have been delivered on this day - but it wasn't >:(
14th: Imagine photo here! Though I could have done with staying home, it was the last Sunday that our minister and his wife was with us before they moved to a new parish, so I went to church so I could see them and say goodbye
15th: The new lens arrived!
16th: Imagine photo here! Way back in March I'd booked a ticket to see the musical Superstar, and I was so gutted that I might have to miss it. Fortunately the arena managed to move me to one of their disabled areas and I got a taxi door to door so I was able to go after all :) The photo is still on my phone, I haven't got round to uploading it yet!
17th: Another hospital appointment - and the one where my leg was put into a cast
18th: I'd ordered a plastic cover for the cast so I could have a bath, and it arrived the next day - impressive service!
19th: Imagine photo here! The Tomboy had to sit an exam to be eligible to apply for certain local secondary schools. We got the results this day, and she did really well :)
20th: Imagine photo here! With the results through, we were able to fill in the school application form
21st: An excellent opportunity to test my new zoom lens! This misty, autumnal photo was taken through the window, and my usual lens would have captured too much extraneous detail. I could have cropped this out, but it was much better to get the shot I wanted straight away :)
22nd: The knitting was coming on nicely!
23rd: The Tomboy made my lunch - and used a cutter to press hearts into the sandwiches, bless her :)
24th: Several goodies arrived! The Mother brought us some gifts from her holiday, and the post included a lovely card and some embellishments from the lovely Kirsty, and a surprise Next gift card from The Sister!
25th: I've spent some of my enforced rest time catching up on videos from Shimelle and her friend Glitter Girl :)
26th: A half term treat, a well done for working hard and doing well to The Children, and a chance to give The Doctor a break from doing all the cooking - we had pizza delivered for dinner!
27th: The scarf was complete - and The Tomboy was thrilled :)
28th: A family tradition is to have porridge for breakfast on Sundays, made by The Doctor
29th: A quiet day - in which pain relief featured, as it had done through most of the month!
30th: I've been enjoying watching the 15 Minute Meals series by Jamie Oliver :) I have the book already and I'm very much looking forward to being able to try some of the recipes!
31st: Yet another hospital appointment, but a more positive one! The cast came off, and I was issued with this funky combo of ankle splint and supportive shoe....

A quieter month than usual, of necessity, but there was still plenty to photograph and record :) Hoping for a better November!


helena said...

well done on keeping it up while on the sofa. Love the heart on the sandwich

Sian said...

Certainly an interesting month and not one to be quickly forgotten! Let's hope November is brighter and a lot more pain free

Missus Wookie said...

You are unlikely to forget this month! Well done to Tomboy on the exam results and good luck on the school applications. Yeah for glitter girl - Kristins Wener's card videos are quite fun too :)

Joining Sian in hoping November is a lot more pain free.

Fiona@staring at the sea said...

I'm thinking the 15 minute meals would be good. I may actually be able to cook them in 30!
Hoping that pain relief is less of a feature in November xx

Cheri said...

Your foot definitely plays a prominent role in this month's collage! Great job keeping up.

Scrappi Sandi said...

Great October collage, not hindered at all by your immobility!! Adding my wishes to the others that November will be a much more 'up & about' month for you!! TFS :D

Amy said...

So pleased that your cast is finally off - it's been quite a month for you!
How are you managing now?

Karen said...

I'm impressed that you were able to keep up while on the couch! Lovely collage---as usual!

The Mann Fam said...

Wow! for being immobilized you were pretty productive. Love the scarf! Thank you for your comments on my blog.

Jo said...

That is still a very busy month for someone who's been laid up! Well done on the scarf, it look lovely.