Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Still learning!

The final set of pages from my Learn Something New Every Day art journal :)

24th September: It was quite a day! So I kept the page simple just to get it done - a sketch of the car radio, with a note about how morning radio just isn't going to be the same now Nick Grimshaw has taken over the breakfast show on Radio 1.

25th September: Oh boy, after 2 days of steady rain, it became clearer than ever that wet play = restless children! I used this double page spread to try out a couple of 'rainy' ideas - drippy, runny ink on the left, and Stickles on the right. I prefer the left hand side on the whole, though I guess it would depend on the project! But it was good to try them both :)

26th September: This was a day of rushing around from one thing to the next - sometimes the timings fit together perfectly, sometimes they really didn't (for example, I underestimated how long my papercrafts class would need for one of the techniques and we didn't finish it, oops! But I did manage to get from the class to a meeting at school which finished just in time for another meeting at school which finished just in time for me to collect The Tomboy from her football club....) Yes, timing is everything!

27th September: Another page I was just thankful to get done - after a full day in school then a 3-hour course in the evening! And on the course I learnt that different teachers have different styles. This wasn't taught to me as part of the course content - I learnt it because our usual tutor was away so we had someone different that session. It made me reflect on my own teaching style and how to allow for children who respond to different styles, and what I could/should do about it, so it was quite a useful process :)

28th September: After those very busy days I picked up my little notebook to fill in all the little lessons I'd made mental notes of but hadn't found time to write down - but, of course, I'd forgotten nearly everything :( So I learnt to write things down if I want to remember them!

29th September:  I learnt that I can knit! And no, I don't mean that I learnt to knit - I mean that I discovered that I can actually already knit, but had forgotten, and was quite convinced that I couldn't. (Welcome to Planet Melsh, folks!) I can't cast on or off, mind you.... And I can only do the basic 'knit' stitch! But that's rather more than I thought I could do.... *sigh!*

30th September: Some lessons appear in some form or other in every LSNED journal - there's always something about how much I love my annual weekend away with women from my church, and I hope there always will be! This year's variation on the theme was that I value my time with the company of these women as much as I value my time alone during our weekend away each September. A short, solitary walk, preferably to the sea, is an important part of my weekend; hilarious, noisy, chatty, fun, silly, supportive, deep and meaningful companionship are also an important part. They both together make the weekend special. They both together work to restore my soul.

My closing page is in a similar style to my introductory page, to tie the journal together a bit, having used so many different styles and colours within it! What a whirlwind month - I have so relished the chance to take a bit of time each day to reflect, to record, to notice, to create, to learn.

Thank you, Shimelle! xx


Alison said...

Your journal has turned out really well Mel!
Alison xx

Louise said...

oh wow what a fantastic journal...and one you'll enjoy looking back on too x

Miriam said...

Well done, another looking wonderful. I loved your closing thoughts Mel
I have so relished the chance to take a bit of time each day to reflect, to record, to notice, to create, to learn.

I absolutely agree with you.

Scrappi Sandi said...

Well done on completing another stunning journal! I especially love the 'Timing is Everything'....both in design & sentiment!! :D

Missus Wookie said...

Oh congratulations on finishing the album. So nicking that twine title idea for the knitting :)

scrappyjacky said...

This has been a great project,'ve finished up with a great journal to look back on.
Love the 'timings' page.
Looking forward to finally meeting you in March!

Fiona@staring at the sea said...

You've done a great job with this project. I intended to join in but got overwhelmed by other stuff going on.
I love the drips, the clocks and your 'wrap up' page :o)

Unknown said...

Well done Mel, I love how it turned out and I am so impressed by how you complete your pages :) xxx

Maria Ontiveros said...

I love your pages (and your lessons). I think the knitting one is my favorite.

Kirsty.A said...

Good job. These look great. I love the timing one and the drippy 'rainy play' especially

Karen said...

I'm another fan of the Timing pages as well as the way you added the three women to the top of the page when you documented your weekend away with the women of your church.