Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Project 366: 247-276

And here we go with September :)

1st: I made pasta from scratch - and it was delicious :)
2nd: A special church service to mark the end of Holiday Club. And Team Australia (my team) won!!
3rd: An INSET day at school - we had a Safeguarding course
4th: I helped one of the teachers to label up stacks of exercise books
5th: It was the open day for the rganisation that runs classes, including the papercrafts class I teach. I took the opportunity to prepare some supplies, which also acted as a bit of a demo for interested visitors
6th: (Imagine photo here!) I began my Teaching Assistant training course
7th: I needed some new stationery for my TA training course! ;)
8th: I had fun with washi tape :)
9th: It was the closing ceremony for the Paralympics
10th: Aargh, another fail! Can't find a pic for this day right now!
11th: Made some rather yummy oatmeal and cranberry cookies (thanks, Ruth!)
12th: (Imagine photo here!) I sent a long overdue package to Alison
13th: The class I'm working with as TA experience had a music lesson using Djembe drums, and I got to join in :)
14th: We had a little stall selling Achkiy jewellery at Connect
15th: Yum! A trip out with The Fabulous One - I had a ginger scone with ginger and rhubarb jam :)
16th: The Doctor and I led Sunday Club, with scarves required for the relay race game, and a sliding picture craft activity
17th: I attended a course on Challenging the Gifted and Talented
18th: I used Numicon with a small group of Year 4 pupils
19th: My papercrafts class did decoupage
20th: The school photographer came in, and I spent the morning helping to organise the classes so we got all the individual shots and family photographs required!
21st: A trip to Ikea with friends :)
22nd: The Children and I went to a Horrible Histories show about the Terrible Tudors
23rd: I made some little Bible verse cards for Abi
24th: A change of host for the Radio 1 Breakfast Show - it'll take some getting used to...
25th: Rain, rain, rain!
26th: Making flowers with my papercrafts class
27th: We learnt about Health and Safety issues on my TA course (ironic, since it was less than a week later that I sprained my ankle and broke my foot!!)
28th: I still had plenty of Achkiy jewellery, so had a little stall at a local MacMillan coffee morning
29th: It was my annual weekend away with women from church - I slept in a cupboard!!
30th: A solitary, reflective walk to the sea - a vital part of my weekend away

(The photo from the 1st is repeated to make the collage work!)


alexa said...

What an interesting mix - though I'm not sure about the sleeping in a cupboard bit :). Oh, those drums sound as if it was a fun session!

Angela said...

What a glorious month. I am getting alot of homemade pasta lately- other half is dropping Big Hints about his own pasta machine for Christmas. Do you use one, or use a rolling pin?

blessings xx

Sian said...

The Horribel Histories show sounds right up our street! But you probably already guessed that

Tammy said...

Looks like a wonderful month, Mel!!
You and your family were busy.

Karen said...

I'm really enjoying these. I like how you solved the problem of the blank space at the end.

Scrappi Sandi said...

Mmmmmm! Oatmeal & Cranberry Cookies!...Great pic of TNSSO as Henry viii...Ikea!! 'nuff said!! :D

Alison said...

Love your reason for the extra pasta pic!! Hope the foot is improving
Alison xx

Jo said...

A very varied month with lots of fun things!

Amy said...

We'd love Horrible Histories too!

Missus Wookie said...

Yeah - you're caught up :) Fun collection of photos and memories.

Should I admit that I remember the Horrible Histories coming out? ;)