Monday, 15 October 2012

Project 366: 215-246

And here's August:

1st: Fail :( I can't find a photo from 1st August! I'll have to check my phone and The Doctor's to see if either of us has one, or look up what we were doing that day and get one somehow!
2nd: I followed as much Olympic action as I could, on TV, online, and on my phone!
3rd: Making a list of things to pack for our trip to visit The Parents-In-Law
4th: We went out for lunch with The Parents-In-Law - I finished up with a Costa cappuccino :)
5th: We saw a raccoon at a nearby wildlife park! The Tomboy was *delighted* :)
6th: Another Costa, this time a gingerbread latte at services on our way home from The Parents-In-Law
7th: (Imagine photo here!) Family trip to the optician - The Tomboy and I both needed new glasses
8th: Another fail :( Most unlike me!
9th: My birthday :)
10th: Made a giant mint-choc cupcake birthday cake for myself!
11th: Off on holiday to the North-East - the four of us and The Mother. We stopped off at Kirkham Priory en route
12th: The view of lovely Robin Hood's Bay :)
13th: Whitby Abbey
14th: The steam train between Pickering and Grosmont
15th: We walked to Robin Hood's Bay - the tide was in and the weather a bit more grey this time!
16th: The Sea Life Centre at Scarborough
17th: Back to Whitby to explore the town and get a fish and chip supper
18th: We stopped off at Scarborough again to sneak an extra day of holiday! The Tomboy tried out various activities at the Military Adventure Park, including driving a mini tank
19th: A surprise visit from a dear friend and her children :)
20th: (Imagine photo here!) Car had its MOT - quite straightforward for once!
21st: Planning meeting for the Holiday Club I was helping with
22nd: Prepped my journal for Learn Something New Every Day :)
23rd: Put together a new storage unit for our new bathroom!
24th: The Fabulous One came over :) I coloured in some journaling pages
25th: (Imagine photo here!) The Children and I went to a local village fair - and were interviewed live on local radio, talking about our experience there and what we were enjoying! Fame... ;)
26th: The Doctor and I led the Sunday Club session
27th: I went to see the Paralympic Flame with The Children :)
28th: Holiday Club began - I led Team Australia :)
29th: Just after all The Children had left Holiday Club at lunchtime the rain came pelting down! The Tomboy and I literally had to wade part of the way home as roads were flooded when the drains were overwhelmed!
30th: My Holiday Club team had a little mascot, a koala called Ozzie, who hid in a different place in our tent each day :)
31st: We had a big Chinese and chippy takeaway as a treat for dinner

*Edited to say: All is not lost! 1st August was when we (Team GB) won our first gold medal, and I have some photos of this in a separate 'Olympics' folder on my computer. Still looking for something from the 8th but I expect there's a pic lurking somewhere!


Amy said...

How can you forget the first gold medal?! It was when you were having a scintillating conversation with me and if I remember correctly you beat us in the rowing! The first of many times too!

Sian said...

Mint choc would definitely be a favourite cake choice round here too :)

Cheri said...

I really admire how well you've stuck to this project. Not at all sure I could make a photograph a day a reality!

Tammy said...

Looks like a great month!! I'm enjoying your catch-up. :)

Scrappi Sandi said...

Another great collage...I especially like the pic of TNSSO in the tank!! :D

Miriam said...

Goodness me you have been busy. I like the collage and the way you have recorded the event. I am keeping up with the challenge on my phone but have absolutely no idea what I will do with 366 pictures at the end of it! Probably just shake my head at them all.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Looks like it was a very active month!

alexa said...

Ah, I remember all those super photos of Whitby and the surrounding area because we were there a week or so earlier - and you had all these splendid photos for Rinda's Scavenger Hunt, mostly in triplicate. :)

Jo said...

Another interesting, active, busy month. Reading your 365 makes me wonder what I do with my time :)

Missus Wookie said...

We had a racoons in my backyard growing up ;)

Yeah for finding photos and hope you find the 8th's too.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the Tomboy finally saw her raccoon. I would have gladly sent over some we have around the neighbourhood. :)