Saturday, 13 October 2012

Project 366: 153-182

I seem to have fallen slightly behind again with my Project 366 posts - so here's June all in one go :)

1st: We saw the Olympic torch :)
2nd: Jubilee picnic in the park (bit damp!)
3rd: (Imagine photo here!) Jubilee service in church, and we did the prayers as a family
4th: Watched the Jubilee concert on TV
5th: Family meal at Chiquitos
6th: Did a tortoise trail with The Children!
7th: Asda was decorated with bunting
8th: The start of the Euro 2012 football championship :)
9th: Got some loyalty vouchers from Co-op - bonus!
10th: House group picnic
11th: England's first match in the Euros
12th: The Tomboy tried out fencing
13th: The first layer of our new bathroom floor was put down
14th: I updated my records for the Civic Award scheme I'd been doing with the Year 4 class. Over half of them completed it before the end of term :)
15th: (Imagine photo here!) We got an email to let us know that The Tomboy had won a prize in the tortoise trail we'd done - closely followed by another email to let us know that The Boy had also won a prize!!
16th: (Imagine photo here!) The Tomboy took part in a creative writing workshop
17th: The Boy took part in the evening service at church, with a role in the drama and playing his tenor horn during the songs
18th: New floor in the bathroom! :)
19th: Paper quilting with my papercrafts class
20th: (Imagine photo here!) The Tomboy's school held an Olympic sports event
21st: (Imagine photo here!) I had a lovely, heartwarming text from a friend :)
22nd: The Tomboy did her piano Grade 1 (she passed with distinction, yay!!)
23rd: The Boy was issued with a new tenor horn on loan
24th: Fun and games at church, and The Tomboy had her face painted
25th: The Tomboy played a piano solo at a school concert
26th: School governors' meeting
27th: Progress with the houses being built near us!
28th: A car boot full of stuff after a morning at work and an afternoon with The Fabulous One!
29th: The Tomboy decorated a cupcake at Messy Church
30th: (Imagine photo here!) Another workshop for The Tomboy - forensic science this time! :)


Karen said...

Love this collage! Would make a great layout.

Cheri said...

Wow. Busy month!

Missus Wookie said...

Oooh - yeah, just think of all the photo organization and catching up you can do while resting! You know in your spare time between assignments, reading and directing household traffic.

Aren't Co-op (or actually any) vouchers fun? I like to use them for splurges or stocking up.

Looking forward to July ;)

Sian said...

June? That's fun! Makes us all appreciate the value of looking back and remembering

Kirsty.A said...

Wow- June and the Jubilee seem so far away, now

Kat McNally said...

So much goodness here.

Amy said...

As per usual I am glad to see that you took a backwards seat and lazed about a bit .....

On a serious note, I love this way of showing the month, the collage is a great idea.

Jo said...

This post made me remember how great my June was too :)

Anonymous said...

I love how it looks in collage. Hope you re nicely recovering.