Friday, 31 August 2012


Hang on a minute!! Is today really the last day of August??? But - you know what that means, don't you? Yes - tomorrow is the first day of September!! Yay!!

I've always loved August :) It's my birthday month, it's the summer, so the whole month off school (and as I'm a teacher, that still applies!), the weather is (supposedly) better, the rhythm of life is slower and lazier.... But for the last few years, I've coped well with the end of August, because I've been so excited about one of my very favourite Shimelle classes - Learn Something New Every Day :) I've decided to go in a sort of journal-y/art journal-y direction with it this year; I enjoyed limiting myself to 140 characters a day last year, but I think I want to write more this time. And I think I want to do some messy painty, doodly, drawing kind of things. And maybe some collagey cutting and sticking type things, too. And whatever I feel like at the time, basically! Plus, I'm starting a new course and I'll be doing more hours at work and I'll generally be being even busier than usual, so I want the flexibility of doing simpler pages when I need to and more complicated, time-consuming pages when I need to, too. So that's the plan :)

I've got my journal ready - it's a spiral-bound book from Tesco that comes with a plain canvas cover ready for decorating; I used some gorgeous Fresco Finish paints from PaperArtsy and grungeboard alphas from the one and only Sir Tim of Holtz, plus some scraps of sequin waste, corrugated cardboard and bubble wrap for stenciling and stamping purposes:

And as soon as it was dry (or, *ahem!* possibly slightly before it was dry...) I was keen to get started, so I made an intro page with smears of paint and lots of lettering cut from magazines:

I do, I do! I want to do all those things, right through September and beyond - and I want to have such fun doing it :) How about you?

PS I couldn't not mention that this particular 1st September will be even more special, due to the return of another 'old friend'...

So excited for tomorrow!! :)

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Scavenging photos (part 3)

The third and final instalment, in fact :) (For the first two, see my previous two posts!)

15. Someone dancing

I was starting to worry a little about finding this one - I even started to entertain thoughts of bribing The Children to dance for me (and believe me, The Boy would not have been happy about that!) Fortunately Scarborough came through for me :) I spotted this poster while waiting for The Children to finish their lunch, and then the ballerina statue near the cafe where we got our own lunch; I figured one of these shots would do at a pinch, but then I got really lucky!

In my first 2012 Photography Scavenger Hunt post I showed you someone playing an unusual instrument. Well, these two nutters charming gentlemen were so daft moved by the music that they danced a little jig as they passed - just as I had my camera ready to photograph the instrumentalist :) Result!

16. A bride

I didn't hold out much hope of seeing an actual bride - even if I hadn't limited myself to just our holiday week, we haven't attended any weddings over this whole summer so I would have been depending on spotting and snapping a stranger. Sure enough, I didn't see a wedding during our holiday week, so I had to look out for 'alternative brides'! I didn't really count the 'bride' ornament in the shop window, but snapped it on our first day just in case I didn't see anything else. I saw the wedding album in a gift shop in Pickering, and it seemed a closer approximation!

The salt shaker, part of a set in a Whitby shop, was probably my favourite bride of the week, though! But I've also included the theme pack of cards spotted in the window of a toy shop by the eagle-eyed The Children :)

17. A church, chapel, cathedral, mosque or temple

This one was straightforward enough, though I would (of course!) have liked to have found one of each really.... These first two were both in Fylingthorpe, and we saw them on our first full day.

Number 3, also on that first day, was in Robin Hood's Bay; the hilltop church was in Whitby.

This rather lovely Pickering church is particularly interesting because inside can be seen some mid-15th century wall paintings, which would have been universal at the time but very few survive now, and hardly any - probably none - are as well-preserved as these :)

And then this chapel is actually part of Pickering Castle, and currently houses an exhibition about the castle.

18. A movie poster

This one had to wait till our visit to Scarborough towards the end of the week, too, and I started to worry that I might not find it - but fortunately a bus stop turned up trumps (and gave me a bonus bride, too!), and then we happened to walk past a small cinema on our way back from lunch, on a leisurely little stroll of (ahem) several miles, which The Mother particularly enjoyed.... ;)

But we also spotted this Star Wars poster in the shop at the Sea Life Centre, which is a poster about a film rather than a poster for a film, but I reckon it definitely counts as a movie poster!

19. An outdoor stairway

This one proved to be the easiest of all - I found them everywhere! I even got to the point where I didn't photograph every single example, though I still snapped plenty, as you can see...

Some of the stairways had interesting features, so I'm showing you those individually rather than as part of the collage above. The first one here is the flight of 199 steps up to Whitby Church and Abbey (and we can vouch for the fact that there are indeed 199 of them!); the second is a ladder down into the water of Whitby harbour.

Here you see the steps up into the Magpie Cafe, an excellent - and very popular - fish and chip restaurant in Whitby (you can see that the queue stretches out of the door, and this photo was taken at 3 in the afternoon!) The second shot is the railway bridge at Grosmont, where we picked up the steam train to Pickering.

And here we have my two favourites! The first we saw in Pickering, and it leads to nowhere at all; the second in Scarborough, and was midair at the time, leading from AND to nowhere at all!

20. A swing hanging from a tree (or a hammock)

Phew - I nearly didn't find this one! Which would have been rather frustrating, because the previous weekend we'd actually watched a family putting up a swing in the tree in their garden near where The Parents-In-Law live, while we were visiting them for the weekend... But fortunately, while wandering and exploring towards Robin Hood's Bay on another of those gentle, leisurely strolls that The Mother enjoyed so much, I spotted a garden that looked just the sort of garden in which one might find a tree swing - and sure enough, there were indeed a couple of rope swings hanging from a tall tree at the end of the garden :)

21. A picture of you standing with something that symbolizes your nation

I knew in advance that I wanted a shot of me with an English flag if possible, and was fortunate enough to find this flag at Whitby Abbey :)

But that's not quite all! Rinda had offered us the opportunity to substitute, if necessary; one of the items on the list could be replaced by a photo of a heart-shaped stone or a four leaf clover. Because I am me, I decided to try to find these as WELL as the 21 items on the original list...

The first shot (which I've just realised is on its side, oops!) shows a stone as part of the pebbly cobbledy road at Robin Hood's Bay. The second shot is a bowl of specially shaped, carved and decorated stones being sold at a little market in Whitby.

BUT!!! I don't actually have a four leaf clover pic for you :( Didn't spot one at all, all week :( Which I'm a bit gutted about really, being a Completer-Finisher Type... But hey ho, given the extra constraints I completely unnecessarily placed on myself, I guess I didn't do such a bad job! All 21 items found, most of them more than once, plus one of the bonus items, all within a week - yeah, OK, I reckon I can be pretty happy with that :)

Now I just need to get out of the habit of yelling 'Horse!' or 'Train!' whenever I see an example of one or the other, and remember that I don't actually need to photograph them any more! ;)

This post was brought to you by Rinda's 2012 Photography Scavenger Hunt

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Scavenging photos (part 2)

See my previous post if you don't know what this is about! :)

So, where were we? Ah, yes...

8. A person dressed as an angel or a statue of an angel

I wasn't sure if I'd find this one, so I took this shot when I saw it as a kind of 'back up' - though it doesn't really fit the brief!

But over the week I did manage to spot a little girl in an angel t-shirt, a carved angel in a church in Pickering, and this little angel ornament in a Robin Hood's Bay gift shop.

9. A fountain

I didn't manage to see any water fountains all week - not even a drinking fountain - but I did spot a couple of chocolate fountains, one in Robin Hood's Bay and one in Whitby, and frankly I think they're worth bonus points just for the chocolate content, don't you? ;)

10. A horse

Almost the first thing I saw when we arrived at our holiday destination was a horse - we were staying in the Wheel House Cottage, and here is its name plate!

This handsome chap was outside a shop at Robin Hood's Bay.

These were both in Whitby - one in a gift shop, and one in an amusement arcade.

The toy shop in Pickering had several horses, but I think this was my favourite!

I did see a couple of real horses during the week, too, though - actually I saw several, but it wasn't always convenient to photograph them, on account of me being the driver along the narrow, twisty country lanes at the time.... But we saw one from the train window on the way back from Pickering, and one that appeared to be in someone's back garden in Fylingthorpe!

And then there was this one, in Whitby, which might well have become my favourite if I'd had the chance to visit it ;)

11. A shadow

At the start of the week we weren't at all sure how much sun we'd see, so I grabbed this shot while I had the chance!

As it turns out, we were really lucky with the weather and I even came home with a tan, so there were plenty of shadow opportunities after all - except that I forgot to take most of them, oops... Here's one of me with The Tomboy, and one of some interestingly shaped roof tiles, though!

12. A maze, labyrinth or trail

There were a few trails around the area - walking trails, mainly, such as the Cleveland Way and the Scarborough Heritage Trail.

I also realised, during our last evening away, that I was working on a Labyrinth puzzle in my Beyond Sudoku puzzle book :)

13. A library

Fortunately for me, Scarborough Library is quite central in the town, near the cafe where we had our lunch - I'd almost given up on finding a library by then :)

14. A person playing with a ball

Does a dog count as a person? The Tomboy would say so, for sure! This one was playing with a ball in the grounds of Whitby Abbey (there is a ball, honestly! It's near the left hand side of the photo, but you have to look closely!)

OK, if not, how about The Children playing table tennis?

Also spotted, a girl playing with a ball in a Fylingthorpe garden, and another dog chasing a ball on Scarborough beach...

...and several persons, playing with a cricket ball, also in Scarborough (though not, obviously, on the beach!)

Or there's my The Doctor, teeing off at a crazy golf course, Scarborough again :)

Phew, 2/3 of the way through! One more instalment to come!

This post was brought to you by Rinda's 2012 Photography Scavenger Hunt