Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Hello? Hello?? *taps inside of monitor* Anyone there?

Well, I wouldn't blame you for not being there, to be honest, but if you are reading this, Hello!! How lovely to see you! :)

I won't bore you with apologies and excuses (because that kind of post has been here on my blog too often this year, and has started to bore me) - please just take the apologies for granted, and assume always that I have been thinking of you all and missing you xx

Neither will I make promises (including to myself) of being back now, as every time I've thought I've got up to date and that I'll be back to blogging regularly something's happened to prevent it *sigh!* Please do be assured though that there's nothing major wrong, The Doctor and The Children are fine, and apart from silly little health niggles and huge great being-busy-ness plus a few computer glitches (grr!) I'm just fine too :)

I have so much to share with you all, and while - as aforementioned - I won't make any promises, I do hope that I can do so soon! I have tales (and photos) of Olympic torch relays, new bathroom, Brownies, Olympic football, coffee with the lovely Ruth, end of term excitement, job plans.... and, erm, hardly any crafting. Unfortunately. I have managed to make a few projects, mainly related to the papercrafts class I teach, but also some samples for the new and exciting class my dear friend Clair is running on her blog throughout August. Yay!

So - despite all I've said about not making promises! - I should be back on Sunday to share one of my little projects, as part of Clair's class; the class itself actually starts on Saturday, so be sure to pop over to check it out! For now then, to anyone who was actually there - goodbye for now, and speak soon xx