Saturday, 2 June 2012

Project 366: 107-121

And here's the second half of April:

16th April: It had taken them a long time, but finally the demolition job was complete over the road! (The last little bit of building you can see contains an electrical generator, something to do with the nearby railway line, so has to be removed separately. I think that's one reason they had to work so slowly and carefully.) Nice to see a bit of blossom on those trees!

 Imagine photo here!
17th April: The day of the Annual Church Meeting. The photo shows the annual report, with identifying information.

18th April: I collected my World Book Night books from a local branch of Waterstones - managing to squeeze in a Costa coffee while I was there ;)

19th April: A yummy meal of leftover chicken risotto with refried beans wrapped in a tortilla :)

20th April: Haircut and eyebrax day! And the usual self-portrait angst... Interesting to see that the winter coats are still there in the background, even though it's nearly the end of April by the time of this photo...

21st April: We had a family day out to a nearby Tudor house, taking advantage of a special offer run by the National Trust that gave us free admission that weekend :) As we wandered the grounds, we met this lovely little chap!

22nd April: In our area, some of the secondary schools require children to take an entrance exam. The Tomboy will be sitting this exam in September. We started working through practice papers (we won't send her to a tutor, but I'm doing a bit of familiarisation with her at home).

23rd April: World Book Night! And I gave away many copies of Pride and Prejudice :)

Imagine photo here!
24th April: The Boy's Parents' Evening - and he had a glowing report from all his teachers, bless him :) (The photo shows the appointment sheet and a map of the school to help us find the appointments!)

25th April: We hosted House Group at our house that evening, and I suddenly realised we didn't have any cake or biscuits to offer! Fortunately I had all the necessary ingredients to make flapjacks, and added some raisins, cranberries and chopped apricots from my dried fruit stores to make the flavour more interesting :) (Just tried to link to the flapjack recipe on my recipe blog, but I don't appear to have added it there yet!! I'll remedy that asap!)

26th April: The Tomboy's 10th birthday :) And she received many traditionally girly gifts, such as Warhammer sets and paints, Star Wars Lego games, etc...

27th April: My first ever visit to a Hobbycraft store! I found it a bit overwhelming, it was so big - and yet it still didn't have everything I'd hoped to find - but I did manage to pick up some useful supplies for my papercrafts class. And it only took me 2 hours! ;)

28th April: Southampton (The Doctor's football team) were promoted to the Premier League! He was quite pleased ;)

29th April: Yet more rain. *sigh*

30th April: Having missed out on the Olympics tickets we'd originally applied for, I had a go at booking some tickets for one of the football matches. I had to nip home from work in order to do this (I wasn't teaching that morning so it was OK) but having got through the early steps the computer then got stuck at loading the confirmation page - so I couldn't tell if we'd got tickets or not! And when I phoned the helpline, after being on hold for over half an hour they then couldn't tell me much because we'd registered the account with The Doctor's credit card, not mine - grr >:( The good news is, we did get the tickets (we found out for sure the next day), so The Doctor, The Tomboy and I will be able to see Team GB playing in an Olympic football match - we will, after all, be going to the Olympics :) Yay! (The Boy doesn't want to come, by the way - he isn't the slightest bit interested in sport...)

And that takes us to the end of April! May to follow :)


Alison said...

Great catch-up Mel..hope the Tomboy had a good Birthday and that things are picking up with yourself!
Alison xx

Amy said...

Oh gosh, TB is growing up! Looks like you've been having lots of fun lately.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Have fun at the match! I think the only tickets we were offered were to "team handball." LOL! So glad to see a new self-portrait. Miss you!

Cheri said...

Nice to see you are still doing well with this project!

The Mann Fam said...

I found your food pictures interesting this time. What you call flapjacks looks nothing like what we call flapjacks here in the U.S. Flapjacks is just another name for pancakes. Just depends on which area of the continent you live. And your tortillas look a little different from what I am use to seeing.

Thanks for sharing and adding some culture. :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a very full month! Your food pictures are making me hungry. :) So great that you were able to snag tickets to GB playing at the Olympics.

Beverly said...

So good to catch up with you. That is one handsome chap ya'll met up with :) Congrats on the Olympic tickets, we went when they were in Atlanta and it was awesome!