Friday, 8 June 2012

Project 366: 138-152

And the second half of May:

17th May: The Fabulous One and I attended a felt-making class - yay! We had such a great time :)

18th May: We went out for the evening to take part in some activities as part of a 'Light Night'. The Tomboy thoroughly enjoyed making a tortoise from various repurposed items :)

19th May: Now that we'd made a start on the bathroom we decided to get the job done properly. We pulled up the horrible old carpet - and discovered, to our dismay, that there's been a slow leak behind the toilet for quite some time and the floor is a bit of mess.... :(

20th May: I spent a bit of time preparing for the next Tuesday's papercrafts class - we were making bookmarks in several different ways, including using a Big Shot to press flowers into watercolour paper, and transferring patterned paper onto sticky-backed canvas.

21st May: Great excitement! We had fledgling blue tits just out of the nesting box at school! :)

 22nd May: The other technique we tried for making bookmarks was marbling - here you see my class's pieces laid out to dry. Everyone got a very different look, despite using the same materials!

23rd May: It was my turn to lead the House Group Bible study - we were working through Ezekiel.

 24th May: We enjoyed a special trial bike display at school that morning. It was incredible what these two chaps could do on their bikes! This here is part of a carefully synchronised dance routine they'd put together.

25th May: The Tomboy's school had a special garden party and bbq, with a treasure hunt around the playground - she's just found a clue here! :)

26th May: The Parents-In-Law came to visit for the weekend. We took a boat trip on the Saturday.

27th May: On the Sunday afternoon we went out for an ice cream at a local tea room. There was bunting everywhere, in honour of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee the following weekend!

28th May: The Tomboy was having a definite phase of listening to music on her MP3 player - songs she'd recorded from the computer - it only lasted a few days, so I'm glad I captured this photo!

29th May: Result!! The Boy had a cookery lesson at school, and they made lemon drizzle cake - and The Boy's cake was *delicious* :)

30th May: We had the toilet and washbasin replaced in the bathroom - just need to make sure the floor dries out properly now, then we can see if it/how much of it needs replacing...

31st May: Interesting! We were sent a new registration certificate for our car - it seems that a number of blank 'old style' blue forms had been stolen, so all current certificates are being replaced by these new red ones.

And that brings us nearly up to date! :)


helena said...

oh the horrors to be found underneath the carpet - hope it all gets fixed soon

Amy said...

We have a show here, Escape to the Country, it's from the UK. Anyway, it has always fascinated me that so many houses have carpet in the bathroom - it is unheard of here. Good luck with the damp issues ... for someone who professes to dislake housecleaning, you have a mighty fine white bathroom! ;-)

Melissa said...

What a bummer about the bathroom leak! I'm just about ready to redo our guest bathroom, but am waiting until after the twins visit this summer because I'm going to change out the rubber duckie theme to something different.

Beverly said...

Hope the floor isn't too much of an expense, like Amy down under, we in the States don't carpet bathrooms either. I love the pic of The Tomboy with the clue, at first I thought she was taking a moment from the crowd and contemplating the world.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Really awesome pictures - the paper crafts look like such fun.


Alison said...

I would love to be part of your paper-crafting always seem to be doing such interesting things!
Alison xx

The Mann Fam said...

I love Lemon Drizzle Cake! There is something about the flavor of lemon that just makes my mouth water. The boy's cake looks delicious.

I think it would be great fun to go for ice cream at the local tea room. It looks so inviting.

Bathroom remodels are always scary. You are very brave. It's starting to look good. X

Sian said...

Lucky you discovered that leak when you did! The new bathroom is looking good

Cheri said...

You've been quite busy! And that bathroom floor - ick! That's why I want tile. I'm even tired of the linoleum and I know our bathroom is going to have issues when we finally have the funds to remodel. No carpets in my bathroom either!

Scrappi Sandi said...

Just enjoyed a catch up after my hols! That lemon drizzle cake looks 'to die for' & sympathies on the bathroom front! Been there done that!! Hope it dries out soon & repairs are minimal! Lots of crafting goodness her & those fledglings are so sweet!

Ginger said...

I haven't used sticky back canvas for a bit, your flowered bookmarks looks pretty:)

Cheryl said...

Ohh honey not good with the bathroom hope you get it sorted soon xx

Missus Wookie said...

Oh that is what happened w our bathroom too - hope it isn't too bad and you can get nice waterproof sealed flooring. After all the floods/leaks/oil spills here I'm REALLY FOND of waterproof sealed flooring ;)

Lovely felt and yummy looking cake!