Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Project 366: 92-106

Hooray for better weather - and hooray for better eyes! :)

Before I get any further behind, here are my pics from the first half of April:

1st April: A lovely church service :)

2nd April: Great excitement! They started to demolish the club over the road from us - houses will be built there instead. This is good news for us!

3rd April: We set off for Crete, yay :) Our flight was delayed, not so yay :( We arrived at our hotel after 2 the next morning...

4th April: ...but felt much better when we realised that our free and unexpected room upgrade meant that we had patio doors leading to the pool and the beach was just beyond it!

5th April: We explored the nearest town to our hotel, Rethymnon. We particularly enjoyed visiting the old fort.

6th April: We had a lovely lazy day at the hotel. It was so quiet - the holiday season had only just begun, so not many people were around at all yet (hence the room upgrade!)

7th April: We took a trip on the local bus service (very comfortable, air-conditioned coach!) to Heraklion and then onto Knossos, which was fascinating :)

8th April: Another lazy hotel day! The Boy floated on his inflatable for hours in an otherwise empty pool... :)

9th April: Another comfortable bus ride but in the opposite direction this time! We visited Chania, possibly the prettiest town in the whole of Crete. (It rained a little that day, but we didn't need our warm layers for long - even the rain was warm!)

10th April: We flew to Athens, and settled into a spacious 2-bedroom self-catering apartment near the centre of the city. We had a view of this lovely little church :)

11th April: The first of a couple of days packed full of sightseeing! One of the attractions we visited was, of course, the Parthenon.

12th April: Another full and busy day, including a trip to the Archeological Museum.

13th April: Time to head home! I spent the flight reading The Doctor's copy of Mary Beard's book about the history of the Parthenon.

14th April: As usual after a holiday, there was plenty of washing to get done!

15th April: Our holiday reading had included the Hunger Games trilogy - The Boy, The Tomboy and I all read all three books. We were keen to see the film on our return, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

So it was a lovely couple of weeks - I have plenty more holiday photos that I hope to share with you once I'm more up to date with my Project 366 photos :) UK friends, I hope you've been enjoying the glorious sunshine! Bye for now xx


Cheri said...

Your photos so make me want to get out and SEE the world!

Melissa said...

Wonderful photos Mel. I especially like the ones of the whole family during your vacation - great family photos. We've missed traveling lately as Robbie's new job doesn't offer as much time off, however we do have a short trip planned this coming weekend.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Greece is high on the list places I want to visit - thanks for sharing your views!

Alison said...

Greece is one of my favourite places...glad you enjoyed it!
Alison xx

Kirsty.A said...

NIce to see you back on my redaer. Looks like a lovely holidy

Sandra said...

What great photos

Rhona said...

I loved these photos Mel! Crete is one of the places I would love to go, and seeing your shots makes me want to go even more :) xx

Amy said...

Hi Mel! :-)

Your holiday photos are sensational, as they always are!

Karen said...

LOVED seeing your holiday photos! I was in Crete 40 years ago, and loved it. Greece is on our bucket list! It looks like you found great places to stay. A bit of history and relaxing at the pool is probably a perfect vacation.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

sounds like a great vacation!

Anonymous said...

Great photos - ok Crete just got added to the bucket list. :)