Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Project 365: 77-91

Here's the second half of March:

17th March: My 2011 Project 365 photobook arrived :)

18th March: Mothering Sunday, and I was so spoilt and looked after!

19th March: Bleh, getting a cold...

20th March: The Tomboy made Easter chocolate crispy cakes at her cookery club - they were much enjoyed by us all :)

21st March: The school book fair. We chose a couple of books for The Children to take with them on our forthcoming holiday.

22nd March: The Doctor and I arranged a rare night out, including an even rarer visit to the cinema - other than films that we go to see as a family, anyway! We watched The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, and enjoyed it very much.

23rd March: The Tomboy's school had a 'mermaids and pirates' day to raise money for Water Aid; The Tomboy was never going to dress up as a mermaid, but was quite happy to put together a pirate costume - all her own work...

Imagine photo here!

24th March: The Tomboy visited a local secondary school for a Maths workshop, where she had the opportunity to work on binomial expansions - she was so thrilled to tell me about the A-level standard Maths she'd been doing :)

25th March: The clocks went forward. I do not enjoy losing that hour!!

26th March: How lovely to see the blossom starting to appear :)

27th March: I experimented with light and long exposures on my camera, drawing simple pictures with a torch - not yet perfect, but I learnt a lot and have plenty of ideas now I've got the hang of the technique!

28th March: Every year, The Tomboy's school runs workshops to demonstrate Maths techniques to parents so that they feel informed and equipped to help their children with homework. I'm up to date with the techniques, of course, but I always attend anyway so that The Tomboy can join in, as the pupils only take part if a parent comes along. We looked at written calculations - written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

29th March: We had an Easter raffle at The Tomboy's school; I let her buy a couple of tickets, and bought a couple myself. I wasn't teaching the afternoon that the draw took place so instructed The Tomboy to choose a prize for me if one of my tickets was drawn - and I joked that she should choose the prize that included a bottle of wine! And then she did.... Bless her :) One of her tickets also won, so she got a chocolate rabbit all to herself, too, which she was thrilled about.

30th March: The last day of term. After our usual Easter service, which was really lovely, we went over to the church hall for an Easter egg hunt and refreshments. These muffins were delicious!

31st March: The Tomboy had a much-needed haircut. At the barbers.... She already looked like a boy, but even more so does she now!


dogmatix said...

I love the photobook...what a great idea :)

Binomial what....? Guess she is her mothers daughter in the numbers department lol

Amy said...

I wanted to see the Marigold Hotel at the cinema but I haven't made it - I'll have to wait for DVD or some other way.
The photobook looks great!

Scrappi Sandi said...

I missed that film at the cinema
:( but will catch it on Sky or DVD! I love that the Tomboy has her hair cut at the barbers...I did too at that age & was often referred to as 'Betty's son'!! I don't think I've ever heard of Binomial..what now?! She'll go far! I'm planning a photobook for my 365+1 in 2012 photo's...can I ask which company you used? Your books looks fabulous! :D

Cheri said...

The Tomboy makes quite a fierce pirate! And just wait til she outgrows this stage and goes all girly girl on you!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Hi Mel!!! So glad to see you posting again. Love the photobook, the torch heart and the last photo of the Tomboy. She has the prettiest eyes - very feminine.

alexa said...

I am so impressed by that photobook, Mel! I keep toying with the idea, then going off it, then going back on it again. It looks wonderful ...

Missus Wookie said...

My tomboy Princess is continually thrilled to be 'gender neutral' and confusing people as to if she's a boy or a girl.

Just to say not all tomboys grow out of it, although some of them are self rescuing princesses ;)

Lynn said...

Great photos as always and lots of yummy treats in March! It has made me feel quite hungry.

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Hi Mel! How fun to see a glimpse of your photo book and know that Carrie and I are a little part of it! :o) It was fun to get turtle comments from The Children this week. Tell The Tomboy I can't wait to read her turtley poem! xo

Clair said...

At the barbers.... I am hearing your voice as I read :)