Sunday, 6 May 2012



Peace creeps through the battlefields
Where soldiers once were to fight
But now there is nothing
At the fall of night.

Peace carries on into the town
Where everyone's asleep.
When men had gone and died in war
Widows would once weep.

Peace finds its way to the farms
Where once there were smoking ruins.
Now the farm is restored, and all
Go back to what they're doing.

Peace drifts on to the hospitals
Where once there were lots of dying.
Now they are all fully healed,
Not many there are there lying.

Peace wanders to the factories
Where German planes once flew;
All the people there were helpless,
There was nothing they could do.

Now you know how the war once felt
It might make you pause -
We are so lucky to have peace
So pray for no more wars.

By The Girl, 8

The details I particularly want to remember:
  • I first heard about the competition from my German teacher - her son was a friend of the boy who died so tragically young, in whose memory the contest was held.
  • It was The Boy talking about his class entering this competition that got The Girl interested. She found out about it by Googling it, then wrote her entry independently and entered online! So proud of her for that :)
  • The Headteacher was confused to get the letter saying that The Girl had been awarded 'Highly Commended', as she hadn't known that The Girl had entered at all! She had to take her aside after assembly to find out how it had happened! She (The Head) was so pleased though, and sought me out to tell me all about it herself :)
  • The Headteacher asked The Girl to type up her poem and print it out, and it's on display in school together with The Boy's Classmate's (winner of second prize in the same age category).
  • The poet who was invited to the awards ceremony really *performed* his poems. They had such rhythm and beat. Great fun.
  • The Girl looked so small up on stage! The others in her age category were mostly aged 10 or 11 and were much bigger than she was, which just highlights what an achievement it was for her :)
  • We didn't realise there'd be a prize, we thought it would just be a certificate! The Girl was desperate to open the envelope as soon as she got back to her seat, but she was very good and patient and waited till we were in the car on our way home. She was so thrilled to be awarded £10!
  • The ceremony took rather longer than we'd expected! We'd ordered pizza to be delivered in celebration of The Girl's success and The Boy's Grade 2 in tenor horn, but it had been waiting for nearly 45 minutes by the time we got home... (Still tasted good though!)
I will scrapbook this :)

This post was brought to you by Sian's Storytelling Sundays - lovely to join in with this after missing it for some months! See Sian's own story and links to many others here


Amy said...

Hi Mel :-)

Wow, that is sensational! Your young lady is very talented - send her our congratulations!

JulieJ said...

Congratulations to The Girl, that is a real achievement. You have a future author in the house - no doubt.

Kirsty.A said...

Congratulations to both children. It is a beautiful poem and I looked for the author to find where you had sourced, never guessing it was written by an 8 year old. You must be v. proud

Rhona said...

What a beautiful poem and what a very talented young girl you have :). You have every right to be proud of her! Congrats to The Girl and to The Boy on his Grade 2 :)

Mary B said...

Oh Mel that is so wonderful and such a great poem well done The Girl

Alison said...

Great to see you for SS Mel...and Well Done! The Girl...such a moving are right to be No1 proud Mum today!!
Alison xx

Ruth said...

Hooray for The Tomboy! It's a marvellous poem and left me with a lump in my throat.

Unknown said...

Lovely to see a post from you in my feed this morning Mel :)

What a fabulously talented pair you have. That poem is sensational and like Amy, I was wondering who it was by. Please tell her I said well done. Jen x

Missus Wookie said...

Gorgeous emotive poetry - congratulations to the author. A celebrated author no less.

Extra congrats for searching, reading and then entering on line - what great motivation and acheivement.

Jo.C said...

That is fantastic - a real talent to be cherished there.

Ladkyis said...

Beautiful poem. As the mother of two boys who were both in the army and both in theatres of war it really found a place in my heart. Thank you for sharing

debs14 said...

What a talented girl! And what a mature understanding of the subject she has. That girl will go far!

Scrappi Sandi said...

Such a wonderful story & such perception from one so young! I look forward to seeing how you scrap this! :D

Sian said...

Well, many many congratulations on her fine achievement! I once won a peace poetry competition (a regular feature of school life here back in the day..) but I wasn't lucky enough to have someone record it for me like this :) Hurray!

Fiona@staring at the sea said...

Congratulations to The Girl. Lovely to see you back on Storytelling Sunday :o)

Jen said...

Oh wow - you must be so proud of her - and so you should be. You may tell The Girl - she brought a tear to my eye - she has written a beautiful poem.

furrypig said...

congrats to the boy and the girl, a well deserved pizza for sure, great to see you blogging about the family again xxx

dogmatix said...

congrats to the Girl...the poem is just beautiful :)
And congrats to the Boy on his grade 2

Sabrina DS said...

Wow, so inspiring…
Have a nice Sunday,
Cheers from France

scrappyjacky said...

A wonderful poem....many congratulations to The Girl.

Cheri said...

Amen! And kudos to The Girl for being so independent and resourceful.

Sandra said...

Congratulations, to your daughter, how fabulous

Melissa said...

What a wonderful poem, truly deserving of a prize!

Karen said...

Lovely poem and Pizza is often eaten cold in this house.

Karen said...

It's a wonderful poem, and so deserving of the honor! Congratulations to The Girl.

The Mann Fam said...

I think this poem is wonderful! As I read I kept thinking of the "wars" in my own life. First, looking back on the lives maimed from choices made now slowly, slowly healing. Nights of tears rather than sleep becoming a larger span between. Now, Peace "creeping", "drifting", "wandering" in where fear, anguish, hopelessness once dominated.

A huge THANK YOU and congratulations to your sweet girl and happy birthday to one that shares the same birthday week.

So good to see your comment on my blog. I had lost you. Now, you are found and on My Feedly! :)

Irene said...

What proud parents you must be. I am so glad you shared these wonderful achievements. It is amazing how at such a young age your Tomboy is so creative with her words; very moving.

Lynn said...

What talented children. Moments like that make your heart sing - seeing your children reach their potential. Hope you have had a relaxing bank holiday weekend.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Her poem is amazing! It's so touching. Be sure to tell her congratulations from us all.

Unknown said...

What a wonderful achievement. The poem is beautiful and thought provoking. CONGRATULATIONS!

Susanne said...

What a touching poem from one so young - you are rightfully proud.

Jane said...

you must be very proud, the poem is beautiful x

Jimjams said...

Very well deserved CONGRATULATIONS to both of them - definitely a proud mummy moment!

Clair said...

Your two are pretty special, aren't they? x

Gail said...

What an amazing poem, thanks for sharing it with us Mel. The Girl definitely has a talent there. Congrats to her and The Boy. A red letter day for them both.