Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Project 366: 92-106

Hooray for better weather - and hooray for better eyes! :)

Before I get any further behind, here are my pics from the first half of April:

1st April: A lovely church service :)

2nd April: Great excitement! They started to demolish the club over the road from us - houses will be built there instead. This is good news for us!

3rd April: We set off for Crete, yay :) Our flight was delayed, not so yay :( We arrived at our hotel after 2 the next morning...

4th April: ...but felt much better when we realised that our free and unexpected room upgrade meant that we had patio doors leading to the pool and the beach was just beyond it!

5th April: We explored the nearest town to our hotel, Rethymnon. We particularly enjoyed visiting the old fort.

6th April: We had a lovely lazy day at the hotel. It was so quiet - the holiday season had only just begun, so not many people were around at all yet (hence the room upgrade!)

7th April: We took a trip on the local bus service (very comfortable, air-conditioned coach!) to Heraklion and then onto Knossos, which was fascinating :)

8th April: Another lazy hotel day! The Boy floated on his inflatable for hours in an otherwise empty pool... :)

9th April: Another comfortable bus ride but in the opposite direction this time! We visited Chania, possibly the prettiest town in the whole of Crete. (It rained a little that day, but we didn't need our warm layers for long - even the rain was warm!)

10th April: We flew to Athens, and settled into a spacious 2-bedroom self-catering apartment near the centre of the city. We had a view of this lovely little church :)

11th April: The first of a couple of days packed full of sightseeing! One of the attractions we visited was, of course, the Parthenon.

12th April: Another full and busy day, including a trip to the Archeological Museum.

13th April: Time to head home! I spent the flight reading The Doctor's copy of Mary Beard's book about the history of the Parthenon.

14th April: As usual after a holiday, there was plenty of washing to get done!

15th April: Our holiday reading had included the Hunger Games trilogy - The Boy, The Tomboy and I all read all three books. We were keen to see the film on our return, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

So it was a lovely couple of weeks - I have plenty more holiday photos that I hope to share with you once I'm more up to date with my Project 366 photos :) UK friends, I hope you've been enjoying the glorious sunshine! Bye for now xx

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

AWOL again

I think partly I'm out of the habit, partly life seems particularly busy at the moment, and partly now the temperatures have plummeted my eyes are feeling a bit sore again :( But I wanted to at least pop in to say 'Hi' to you all!

A quick note to the Face Book Project participants: there have been a few delays, a couple of which have most definitely been my fault (sorry....) I've had most of the coloured images back now, but I'm still waiting on a few sets. If you still have yours, could you please get them back to me as soon as you can? Many thanks :) (And Helena, please check your email for a grovelling and heartfelt apology x)

Hoping you're all doing well - it was lovely to get round lots of blogs last week, and I look forward to doing so again soon! Take care, all xx

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Project 365: 77-91

Here's the second half of March:

17th March: My 2011 Project 365 photobook arrived :)

18th March: Mothering Sunday, and I was so spoilt and looked after!

19th March: Bleh, getting a cold...

20th March: The Tomboy made Easter chocolate crispy cakes at her cookery club - they were much enjoyed by us all :)

21st March: The school book fair. We chose a couple of books for The Children to take with them on our forthcoming holiday.

22nd March: The Doctor and I arranged a rare night out, including an even rarer visit to the cinema - other than films that we go to see as a family, anyway! We watched The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, and enjoyed it very much.

23rd March: The Tomboy's school had a 'mermaids and pirates' day to raise money for Water Aid; The Tomboy was never going to dress up as a mermaid, but was quite happy to put together a pirate costume - all her own work...

Imagine photo here!

24th March: The Tomboy visited a local secondary school for a Maths workshop, where she had the opportunity to work on binomial expansions - she was so thrilled to tell me about the A-level standard Maths she'd been doing :)

25th March: The clocks went forward. I do not enjoy losing that hour!!

26th March: How lovely to see the blossom starting to appear :)

27th March: I experimented with light and long exposures on my camera, drawing simple pictures with a torch - not yet perfect, but I learnt a lot and have plenty of ideas now I've got the hang of the technique!

28th March: Every year, The Tomboy's school runs workshops to demonstrate Maths techniques to parents so that they feel informed and equipped to help their children with homework. I'm up to date with the techniques, of course, but I always attend anyway so that The Tomboy can join in, as the pupils only take part if a parent comes along. We looked at written calculations - written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

29th March: We had an Easter raffle at The Tomboy's school; I let her buy a couple of tickets, and bought a couple myself. I wasn't teaching the afternoon that the draw took place so instructed The Tomboy to choose a prize for me if one of my tickets was drawn - and I joked that she should choose the prize that included a bottle of wine! And then she did.... Bless her :) One of her tickets also won, so she got a chocolate rabbit all to herself, too, which she was thrilled about.

30th March: The last day of term. After our usual Easter service, which was really lovely, we went over to the church hall for an Easter egg hunt and refreshments. These muffins were delicious!

31st March: The Tomboy had a much-needed haircut. At the barbers.... She already looked like a boy, but even more so does she now!

Sunday, 6 May 2012



Peace creeps through the battlefields
Where soldiers once were to fight
But now there is nothing
At the fall of night.

Peace carries on into the town
Where everyone's asleep.
When men had gone and died in war
Widows would once weep.

Peace finds its way to the farms
Where once there were smoking ruins.
Now the farm is restored, and all
Go back to what they're doing.

Peace drifts on to the hospitals
Where once there were lots of dying.
Now they are all fully healed,
Not many there are there lying.

Peace wanders to the factories
Where German planes once flew;
All the people there were helpless,
There was nothing they could do.

Now you know how the war once felt
It might make you pause -
We are so lucky to have peace
So pray for no more wars.

By The Girl, 8

The details I particularly want to remember:
  • I first heard about the competition from my German teacher - her son was a friend of the boy who died so tragically young, in whose memory the contest was held.
  • It was The Boy talking about his class entering this competition that got The Girl interested. She found out about it by Googling it, then wrote her entry independently and entered online! So proud of her for that :)
  • The Headteacher was confused to get the letter saying that The Girl had been awarded 'Highly Commended', as she hadn't known that The Girl had entered at all! She had to take her aside after assembly to find out how it had happened! She (The Head) was so pleased though, and sought me out to tell me all about it herself :)
  • The Headteacher asked The Girl to type up her poem and print it out, and it's on display in school together with The Boy's Classmate's (winner of second prize in the same age category).
  • The poet who was invited to the awards ceremony really *performed* his poems. They had such rhythm and beat. Great fun.
  • The Girl looked so small up on stage! The others in her age category were mostly aged 10 or 11 and were much bigger than she was, which just highlights what an achievement it was for her :)
  • We didn't realise there'd be a prize, we thought it would just be a certificate! The Girl was desperate to open the envelope as soon as she got back to her seat, but she was very good and patient and waited till we were in the car on our way home. She was so thrilled to be awarded £10!
  • The ceremony took rather longer than we'd expected! We'd ordered pizza to be delivered in celebration of The Girl's success and The Boy's Grade 2 in tenor horn, but it had been waiting for nearly 45 minutes by the time we got home... (Still tasted good though!)
I will scrapbook this :)

This post was brought to you by Sian's Storytelling Sundays - lovely to join in with this after missing it for some months! See Sian's own story and links to many others here

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Football and fun!

As I write this, I'm keeping one eye and both ears on the football - there's a strong possibility that my team (Hereford United) will be relegated from the League today :( Our form has been so poor that I've been resigned to it for quite some time - and yet, we've managed to hang on and hang on, we somehow pulled off a 3-0 win away from home last week, and there's still a chance we could survive after all if we win today and Barnet don't.... So far we've managed to go up by a goal but so have Barnet so I'm in for a nervy afternoon!

So here are a few jokes I came across in the paper this morning, to distract me a little - and to amuse you too, I hope!

I love eBay - I've sold my homing pigeon eight times.

I phoned Seaworld the other day. They told me, "Your call may be monitored for training porpoises."

"You won't like me when I'm angry. I back up my rage with documented facts and sources." - The Credible Hulk

I've got a brilliant new guard dog. He won't let anyone in. He's a UK border collie.

(With thanks to Simon Hoggart, columnist, who quoted these; he received them from Steve Pound.)

Come on Hereford.... As things stand we're going down :( Wish me luck!