Sunday, 8 April 2012

Project 366: 32-46

Here's the first half of February:

1st February: In a welcome development, The Boy has been doing a bit of cookery at school - we enjoyed his apple pie for pudding on this day :)

Imagine photo here
2nd February: I took a photo of the (distinctive and identifiable) view from the staff carpark at school.

 3rd February: I tried out a new recipe - Mediterranean prawns with lemon and herb couscous - not bad, though rather heavy on the peas!

4th February: A chance to sort through some out-of-date paperwork, and have fun with the shredder :)

5th February: The Tomboy helped to hold up the memory verse during the children's talk at church. The idea was that a few balloons were popped each time to see if we could still remember it - but she protected her balloon from being popped and brought it home with her. Rather appropriate then that it carried the word 'save'!

6th February: My topic with Year 6 that day was checking calculations by using the inverse operation.

 7th February: Another day of needing to de-ice the car. *sigh!*

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8th February: Yet another visit to see yet another doctor about my poor eyes :(

 9th February: We welcomed another new member into our family - meet The Axolotl :)

10th February: At last, at last! The Project Life supplies had arrived in the UK, cleared customs, and been dispatched - and my Christmas present from The Doctor had arrived, yay! :)

11th February: We'd intended to redecorate and refurnish The Boy's bedroom last summer, before he started secondary school, but our trip to LA made that impossible! We decided to get it done over half term - here's a pic of how it looked before (though we had emptied it of most of his possessions by this stage!)

12th February: Part of the job was to remove all the old, tatty wallpaper! The Tomboy enjoyed helping us with this :)

13th February: Coincidentally, this was also the week that we'd booked in to have our guttering replaced - a long overdue job, as it had been leaking since we moved into this house nearly 8 years ago!! This is the 'before' pic; the new guttering is much smarter, in glossy black.

14th February: Valentine's! We don't tend to go out for a Valentine's meal but we do like to have a special meal at home. I turned to one of our favourites - a Jamie Oliver - Monkfish, Pancetta and Ciabatta on Rosemary Skewers (yum!)

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15th February: The Mother and I took The Children for a day out to a local city, spending a fair bit of time in the art gallery, shown in this photo (or rather - not shown, as its name is too clearly displayed!)


alexa said...

An action-filled few weeks! Have you started Project Life yet?

Jo.C said...

I've just given in and ordered the project life stuff - hoping it arrives quite soon. look forward to seeing what you produce :0)

Melissa said...

Sounds like the beginning of February was busy - hope we get to see a photo of the remodeled room & gutters. Enjoy your Project Life!

Scrappi Sandi said...

Looking forward to the 'after' pics of The Boys bedroom & also seeing your project life progress!

Alison said...

The Boy's Apple Pie looks very nice! Great set of pics Mel..hope the visit to the Doc was fruitful
Alison xx

Sian said...

No. Project Life feels too intense for me, tho I love to see how everyone else does theirs.

Hope Easter Sunday was a nice one

Missus Wookie said...

Oh an Axolotl - cool stuff :)

Fun to see Jamie Oliver mentioned - just been talking about him on another blog!

Cheryl said...

Hi honey looking forward to seeing your project life x