Saturday, 17 March 2012

Project 365: 357-365 (the details)

As in - the detail photographs! Here they are:

357: log

358: muppet

359: tea

360: board

361: leftovers

362: travel

363: duck

364: complete

365: home

And that's 2011 done :)

I'm not doing 'detail' photos this year, by the way - I'm doing Project Life (while also continuing with Project 365 366 as it is this year!) so I figured that the details would get incorporated into that.

Project 366 photo catch up to follow!


Lizzie said...

Yay, for a Finished Project! Loved all the little details of Mel's Life for 2011.
(and that choccy log looked rather yummy and very sticky... mmmm...)

Alison said...

Well done on getting finished Mel...I agree with Lizzie about that choccie log!!
Alison xx

Missus Wookie said...

Having had too much chocolate cake over the last two days that first shot is too sickly for me (I'll feel better after a couple more days), we love Muppet Christmas Carol it is a familyl favourite here. Nice to have a finished project!

alexa said...

Oh my goodness is that chocolately or not! Wow ... Well done on finishing. :)

Melissa said...

Oh, the log & leftovers look yummy.

Miriam said...

Well done. It was a huge project wasn't it? I am pleased to say that I finished mine, just never got 'round to posting the last few pages. And the pics of food look so scrummy. I am sure I have some chocolate Guinness cake left from Saturday!!!