Saturday, 3 December 2011

This year's calendars...

Well, it has become a bit of a tradition now to ask you to guess which Advent calendar belongs to which of us... But this year it'll be even harder than usual, because we actually have 7 calendars between the four of us.

Yes, this could indeed be considered a bit excessive.

So what do you reckon? We have a Lego Star Wars calendar, two Cadbury's chocolate ones, Super Mario, Doctor Who and Smurfs chocolate ones, and a Doctor Who picture one which came free with Doctor Who Adventures magazine. And we have The Boy, The Tomboy, The Doctor and The Me. Any guesses?!


Lynn said...

Seven! Although now as I look round I see we have five this year! Now let me see - Dr Who I think could be yours. The two cadburys - one each for the tomboy and the boy? Lego stars wars to share between the tomboy and the boy? Not really sure about the others. Anyway Enjoy!

Mary B said...

The two DW one for The Tomboy and one for the Doc
The two Cadbury ones are shared ones
Smurfs one is yours
And Star Wars The Boys

dogmatix said...

Are they all shared? That would make it interesting. Where did u get the Dr Who one???? That is exactly what I was looking for *insane jealousy*
*well, ok maybe not quite that insane*
*just a little sulking and shoving the computer screen in front of the boss*

Cheri said...

You really like to make things difficult don't you? I'll venture...
The Boy: Star Wars Lego and Cadbury Chocolate
The Girl: Smurfs and Cadbury Chocolate
The Doctor: Super Mario
The You: both Dr. Who ones

Now if I get even one or two correct, I'll be amazed!

Lizzie said...

Well, I'm guessing you must own at least one of the Dr Who calendars.
But I haven't a clue about the others, so... um... yeah, what the others said!
I will watch out for the Big Reveal later.
(yes, I know, it's a big cop-out... sorry!)x

Kirsty.A said...

Yes indeed, a touch excessive. I would guess that the person with only 1 is you (+JYC as a 2nd csalendar) but which is whose????

Amy said...

Oh good grief this is always so difficult!
The Smurfs would be popular here!

Heather said...

haha!! I have the Dr Who dalek one, OH has Homer Simpson & DS has Moshi Monsters!! I guessed yours completely wrong last year so with 7 to chose from this year I'm not even close to working it out lol. Good fun xx

Online Parenting Class said...

i see mario!=3

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I think the Dr Who is yours & the Lego one the Boy's or possibly shared between him & the Tomboy with each of them also having a Cadbury one as well. The smurf's is your husbands as a joke. That still leaves me with two I cannot account for