Saturday, 31 December 2011

355 of 365

21st December: I braved Asda for the final food shop before the big day! It actually wasn't too bad; lots of people had gone first thing in the morning and as I was slightly later, although it was very busy when I arrived, by the time I'd worked round the store lots of people had left so I didn't have to queue for long. And I didn't have to take The Children, because The Boy is old enough and responsible enough to be left alone for a while now (and The Doctor was working at home anyway), and The Mother kindly offered to have The Tomboy for the morning. And I got everything on my list bar one item, which I managed to find a suitable replacement for. Result! :)

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Lizzie said...

I am soooo grateful for online supermarkets, which offer home delivery! Our stuff arrived on the Friday before Christmas; all we had to do was remember to update the shopping order in plenty of time (to avoid "out of stock" problems!) and pack it all away after it arrived. Bliss! It's also a helpful way to avoid over-spending on impulse buys... I make far less of these, since we set up home deliveries each week.
I hope all that shopping provided you with a lot of yummy meals last week!

Great photo of the advent calendar windows. That was a fun angle; but I know whose calendar it was!

Happy New Year (though that seems like a funny thing to say on a post about Day 355 of 2011....).

jordiegirl said...

Happy New Year to you and yours for 2012.

I was one of the recipients of the World Book Night Books for 2011 from you Mel - Case Histories by Kate Atkinson. I eventually finished it last night! I know, it's taken me a while, but I did lend it to my sister first and when she hadn't continued reading it I had it back and will return it to her in the new year for her to finish and then pass on too.

I found it rather odd at the beginning (have never read any of her books in the past) - in fact I thought they were all separate stories until I got further through the book!!!! Then I cottoned on that all were connected in some way. Enjoyed it in the end and just had to read it all.

Been to the website to make comments but couldn't find out how to and am not sure if I actually have to register myself to do that!!!! Anyway site timed out for some reason when I tried to register. Thought all I would have to do would be to find the book I'd read and comment there but - well I couldn't find that!!! Will go back on in a few days time and take another look to see if I can get it sorted.

Thanks again for the book.