Tuesday, 27 December 2011

351 of 365

17th December: We finally put our tree up :) As usual, it looks like someone tripped over while carrying the box of decorations and they just landed any old how - but that is how I like it! (It happens that way because the decs include many items hand-made by The Children, or collected from somewhere in particular at a particular Christmas; that means each decoration comes with its own memory and that's special :) Plus, of course, The Children help to decorate the tree so it's bound to look - um - interesting?!)

Detail: pantomime*

Imagine photo here!

* The pic shows a poster advertising the panto and it includes the location and other identifying information :) But it was Aladdin, and The Tomboy went with Brownies, and she had a fabulous time until shortly after it finished when she was sick in the venue's toilets... (She was much better by the following day, thank you! xx)


Anonymous said...

I love the wild collection of ornaments we have as well. There are so many memories attached to them. Ours doesn't look like a designer tree either, but like you, I love it.

alexa said...

Hoping you have had a very Happy Christmas with your lovely family, Mel, and wishing you everything good for the New Year.

Julie J said...

I think DD would approve of your tree - she declared that Grandma's was boring because It was just one colour of ornaments. And ours went up on 17th too.