Wednesday, 7 December 2011

331 of 365

27th December: I arrived home from the Bloggers' Weekend Away to be met by a very excited The Tomboy who had created a treasure hunt for me :) When I reached the end I found this little message - aww!

Detail: ruffles

Imagine photo here!

(Photo not shared because it shows my dear friend Clair modelling the ruffles 'thing' and I haven't asked her permission to make that pic public!)


Lizzie said...

Ahh, The Tomboy is Ace! How lovely of her. X

And Ahh... "Ruffles"! 'nuff said!

K said...

Oh bless her!!!!!!

Ruffles, lol

alexa said...

Ah, how sweet! You have a lovely, lovely family ... :).