Thursday, 1 December 2011

325 of 365

21st November: One of my classes had to solve a series of complicated clues during their lesson that day!

Detail: bake


Amy said...

I'd like to bake something that is similar to what you have shown here but someone is eating bananas faster than they can over ripen!

Lizzie said...

The clues look interesting.... though I'm not sure about the last sentence, which ends with "then you can come in"... where exactly were your class? Did you shut them out in the playground? (I'm sure you are a very nice teacher though!)

Banana cake? Banana muffins? Banana milkshakes? My favourite is our banana muffin recipe, with choc chips!

Gail said...

Oooh bananas - I think they're just might be a couple downstairs that are beyond ripe. Unlike Amy we've got the opposite problem - they ripen too fast here. :)

Missus Wookie said...

Just had a friend say on FB that she made bananas but forgot the bananas ;) I came back to lots of bananas that are ripe, was thinking of baking banana bread WITH bananas this weekend.