Friday, 11 November 2011

11 at 11 past 11 on the 11th of the 11th of the 11th...

I couldn't let an occasion like '11:11 11/11/11' go by unremarked, could I?! This is why I skipped 10 on the 10th yesterday - I've had 11 on the 11th of the 11th of the 11th planned for over a year now.... ;) So this is me, from 1 to 11...

One darling husband. I am so very lucky to be with this caring, supportive, funny, interesting and very special man :)


Two lovely children. OK, maybe they're not lovely all of the time! But oh, there are so many moments when they make me feel so proud to be their mother :)


Three teaching days per week. Two half days of teaching Maths to primary school pupils (plus a bit of 1:1 Maths tuition on those days sometimes) and one two-hour papercrafts class, teaching adults. I love that I can combine my love of Maths and my love of papercrafts with my teaching vocation :)


Four weeks of Shimelle's Pretty Paper Party class; I've lost count of the number of layouts and cards made now!! I'm so grateful for inspirational crafters who share their knowledge and expertise, and for the pleasure that crafting gives me :)


Five days since The Doctor and I went to see the comedian Milton Jones - and what a fabulous time we had! The guy is hilarious, and I love that he can be so funny without needing to be smutty or unkind or crude. I'm thankful for the chance to spend some time with The Doctor, and I'm so very grateful for the gift of laughter :)


Six weeks (and a couple of days) till Christmas, yay! This is one of my favourite times of the year. I love the joy and happiness and sharing and family time and - yes, the gifts! And I love the chance to reflect often on God's great gift to us :)


Seven houses lived in during our first seven years of marriage; but we've now been living in this one for nearly seven years. I'm so grateful that we were able to settle before the children started school, so they've had the stability and continuity of not needing to change school - and I'm so thankful that we haven't needed to pack up all our stuff in boxes in a while! :)


Eight months since our garage roof was fixed. Not exactly a happy memory, that episode, but I'm happy at least that I had to look up when it was, the memory has so faded! And I'm still counting the blessings of no injuries to anyone and helpful neighbours :)


Nine years with our beloved daughter. Can't believe how tall and grown up she's getting! Can't believe she's in her penultimate year at primary school! So thankful she's healthy and happy :)


Ten weeks since we got back from America. The memories are still pretty clear though, it was such a special time! I'm so grateful we all had the chance to travel to such an amazing place and have such a wonderful time there :)


Eleven years with our beloved son. Can't believe how tall and grown up he's getting! Can't believe he's in his first year at secondary school! So thankful he's healthy and happy :)


Many ways in which I am blessed. Many things to be thankful for. Many reasons to be happy.

May you have a blessed, thankful and happy 11/11/11 xx


Melissa said...

Wonderful way to celebrate your life at 11:11 on 11-11-11!!!

Amber Letuli said...

Wonderful post love that you got it down to the day and minute too.

Lynn said...

Lovely post Mel -

Irene said...

Such a clever and inspirational post to celebrate this once in a lifetime date and time. I don't know how you managed to get your post on 11 minutes past the hour. Well done you!

Kirsty.A said...

Well done for marking this. I'll have to start thinking about 12:12 on 12/12/12
Up for a Blog Hop anyone? we've got plenty of time to organise it

Alison said...

Lovely post's good for us to count our blessings!
Alison xx

Alison said...

Lovely post's good for us to count our blessings!
Alison xx

Mary B said...

What a lovely way to share the 11th of the 11th in the year 2011. thank you for being a very special blogging friend

Bunnyfreak said...

Great idea. Love the list.

Heather said...

what a great list Mel! Extra points for the timing too ;-) xx

Amy said...

There was an interview on the radio yesterday afternoon which reminded me of you Mel and somehow I just knew that you would have been planning something for the 11th!

Jimjams said...

I don't really want to comment on this lovely post - because it currently has 11 comments already and mine will spoil that!

Or perhaps you are secretly deleting every comment after the 11th? :P

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Wonderful list!

Miriam said...

This is really beautiful Mel. Well done x