Saturday, 22 October 2011

285 of 365

12th October: Hey, local council, that's a rotten trick! I only tend to use this road once a week; if you have to close it for a day, why pick that particular day of the week?!

Detail: film


Fiona (angelfish) said...

Did you enjoy that film? My son has read the books and he was quite irritated by the changes made! He spent most of the film telling us how they should have done it!!

Sian said...

We really enjoyed the Stormbreaker film and were surprised to hear that it had flopped in the cinema. It's one we have watched at home several times

Lizzie said...

Ah, I think we have Stormbreaker too. I seem to remember that our boy liked it very much. Maybe it's time to dig out the dvd and watch it again?
As for Rotten Tricks... for the third time in 6 months, our local council has closed the road between our village and my mum's. It means an extra 4 miles each way, via the town, to get to her house. It was closed for the bridge to be resurfaced, after last winter's awful frosts/ice did a lot of damage. That was over a week - during which I had to go there every day, because my mum was ill.... Then it was closed for another week, during the summer holidays, for water-pipes to be replaced - except it went over the week, so it was 2 weeks!! Now it's closed again, for at least 3 days...for work on the gas pipes! And, of course, after this winter, all the damage done by digging up the new surface for pipe repairs will need to be repaired by the council - so more road-closures! Arrrrgh!
So, the summary is... my sympathy about the pesky road closure on your "one day a week"!

Ginger said...

i know lots about road closures, they happen often here, granted we are typically warned! I've not watched that movie :)