Monday, 17 October 2011

280 of 365

7th October: As I've mentioned, my photo printer got a terminal fault last month :( I didn't expect to be able to replace it for a while, but then I came across a good offer in Tesco - and I had some Tesco vouchers accumulated, too - which meant I actually only paid out £10 cash for this one :) It's not quite as high-spec as the old one but the quality of the prints is good and the software I've already got for printing photos at different sizes quickly and easily is compatible with this printer too so I'm happy!

Detail: skewer


Sian said...

..and you can read your own instruction book and set it up yourself too, can't you? Unlike some of us :)

Missus Wookie said...

I'd be interested in a fuller review. Not been impressed with photos printed on my colour laser - but then it wasn't designed for photos :)

Gail said...

Great buy! Oh that food is definitely calling to me - it looks so yummy.