Monday, 19 September 2011

Scavenging hunters....?!

Time is nearly up! So I'd better get on with my third batch of photos for Rinda's Summer Scavenger Hunt :) Here they are:

#15 was graffiti art (not just graffiti and not just a wall mural). I have to confess to being rather unsure what exactly graffiti art is, but decided just to keep my eyes open for anything that might fit. I spotted a newspaper article about Banksy back in July, so I snapped that in case of emergencies...

That's my hand, which technically means that a team member's in shot, right? ;) 

Then, in Los Angeles, The Tomboy spotted this. I tried to explain that it wasn't really graffiti art, but she said to me 'But Mum, it's graffiti, right? And it's all layered with stickers and things like that collage you do, and that's art, right? So it must be graffiti art!'

The poor Black-Eyed Tomboy!! I really must tell you about that black eye some time!

And then, when we went to Venice Beach, I got lucky :) On the beach there's a special art wall, and artists can apply for a permit to paint there. Their specialism? Graffiti!

Here's one little section of it

Here's a work in progress

And here's a completed section...

...with me!

A building made of metal or glass was required next. I saw many of them, but didn't actually manage to photograph that many somehow - *doh!* There was The Lowry, though, that we visited in July:

That's The Doctor's head, turned just slightly towards us, along the bottom edge, second from the left. Do you see him?

And then, in LA, there was the Disney Hall. home of the Philharmonic :)

 I read that it was originally highly polished, but that the glare was dangerous for drivers and reflected too much heat into nearby homes so it had to be sanded and roughened!

#17? Rain :) We actually only saw rain once during August (and The Doctor missed it even then, it was such a short-lived shower!) but we spent enough of July and September in the UK to see plenty of it here....

Could this be my most flattering self-portrait yet?!

My glasses show evidence of the rain I'd just been out in

Looking out into our rainy garden

Trying to keep sheltered from the rain!

Hoping that I still had an 'emergency umbrella' in the car...

I was a bit thrown by #18 at first: A person sketching or painting outside their house. You see, at first I read it to mean that the person should be directly outside their house - but when it dawned on me that actually the person just needed to not be IN their house, I found many opportunities to get a shot :)

This lady kindly agreed to let me photograph her sketching in the Lowry. Sadly, I should actually have asked permission of the Lowry staff, too - turns out I wasn't supposed to take photos in there, I'd missed the sign, oops...

No signs to worry about here! This mother and daughter were drawing sculpture in Pasadena. They were very happy to be photographed, and thrilled with the shots I emailed to them :)

This cartoonist was drawing at Newport Beach

And here's who he was drawing!

And then this chap was drawing the aforementioned graffiti wall at Venice Beach

I don't think I was the only one to find #19 a challenge, either! A beehive or an ant farm with live ants?!

But I'd reckoned without the observation beehive at the Kidspace Museum in Pasadena :)

It was fascinating to see the bees so close!

One of The Children agreed with me - the other was decidedly less keen.... Can you tell which?! ;)

And then, bonus! We found an ant farm at the ScienCenter in LA, too!

Nearly there then! But #20 was a real stumbling block for me. It was 'A handmade roadside memorial or shrine'. I had little chance of seeing the latter, and I felt rather uncomfortable about the former. I really liked Rinda's post about this, where she explained what seeing such a memorial means to her. Nevertheless, I didn't feel quite right about it.

I had one go at photographing a memorial as The Mother drove, but I wasn't sorry that it didn't turn out too well. (It's the blur of yellow to the left.)

What I've done, and I'm quite happy for this not to be counted in my final total, is that I've photographed an art installation I saw while exploring Santa Monica with The Creative Beast. It very much reminded me of a roadside shrine or memorial, and it was indeed by a road. Here it is:

Two women came and dismantled it while we were watching! So I saw the demise of the installation, too

So that just left me with one more item on the list - #21, A rooster - which is American for cockerel, right? ;) I spotted a few of those!

This little chap was for sale in Mothercare

These two stood entinel on the kitchen windowsill of the house we rented in Pasadena

The Boy's friend was part of a sculpture in a gallery at The Huntington

And this last little guy was on the wall of the kitchen of the people we met on the Metro in LA, who invited us to dinner

And so I'm done! 41/42, or 42/42* if Rinda's feeling kind about my misgivings about photographing a memorial. And my completer/finisher, OCD personality is satisfied :)

Thanks Rinda for all the fun this has given me over the summer! xx

(* It's out of 42 because I entered the over-achiever's category, so needed photos with and without team members, in case you were wondering!)


Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Great set of scavenger hunt photos, Mel! Rinda is going to be SOOOOOOO jealous of your bee photos!!! LOL

PS: What happened to TB's eye?!?! I noticed it right away.

Jimjams said...

OMG - you have been busy!!! You may well have achieved over everyone else too ... I shall watch with interest when Rinda announces the results! I do hope she does this again next year and I'll join in!

gayle said...

I have come upon this rather late but totally loving how Rinda's scavenger hunt is also walking us through your wonderful trip to the States :) more photos please! ;)

Alison said...

WTG Mel...think you have outshone us all!
Alison xx

scrappyjacky said...

I can't believe anyone else on the scavenger hunt is going to have a set anywhere near as good as yours!! I did share your misgivings about the roadside memorial photo though.

The Mann Fam said...

Lots of fun pics of your scavenger hunt finds. I love reading how you came about finding them.

Amy said...

Yep, a fantastic set of scavenger hunt photos Mel ... had to laugh at the one with you in the rain and the one with TB near the bees ... not that she obviously thought it was funny! What's going on with her eye?

Beverly said...

Well done, you Over Achiever!!! The graffiti art wall is gorgeous, your rainy self portrait cute and the Tomboy's expression posing next to the bees..priceless.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Well done Mel! I particularly like the set of people sketching "not inside their homes."
I am probably going to stop by a local museum to see an observation hive (b/c I'm totally OCD about these things too!)

The Creative Beast said...

What great photos you got for your scavenger hunt Mel!! That is one fun project to do for an entire summer...I also liked the link to Rinda's take on roadside shrines and I think I said similar when we discussed it at the installation in Santa Monica.

Congratulations on a job well done!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Love the graffiti art!

Clair said...

Loving that rainy self-portrait - it's actually brilliant! x