Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Scavenger Hunting

Like many of you, I've been having lots of fun taking part in Rinda's Summertime Photography and Snapshot Scavenger Hunt :) When I read through the 3 categories of entry, it became very clear that she'd designed the 'Overachiever' category for me! ;) And so I've been trying to find each of the 21 items on the list, and photographing each one with and without a 'team member'. Sadly I didn't fully take the opportunity to play with, improve and show off my photography skills but descended more into 'I have to find every item on the list!! I have to!!! I'm a completer/finisher type bordering on the obsessive-compulsive so I have to find them ALL!!!! Blurry, grainy, out-of-focus shots will do just as long as I find all the items!!!!!' (You get the idea....)

So, shall we see how I got on?! As there were 21 items and I collected many photographs along the way (though I'm not yet revealing whether I did manage to find them all - got to keep some mystery, eh?!) this will be just the first instalment. First of all, you need to meet my team. It consists of me (of course), The Enthusiastic One (aka The Tomboy), The Reluctant One (aka The Boy), and The Oblivious One Who Didn't Even Know He Was Taking Part (aka The Doctor) ;) Here we are - twice over, since I'm entering both Snapshot and Photography categories!

Taken on our whale watching trip on the Pacific

And, why not? Here's a bonus shot of the team :)
Newport Beach

So that was item number 1. Number 2 was a museum. We visited several over the summer - it's something we do quite often as a family! Here are some of them - with and without team members, to cover both categories :)

And again...

The Children are in this shot - they're in the shade of that tree!

Inside the Natural History Museum

#3: A campfire, or a fire in a fireplace. I meant to photograph the campfires in the concrete ash rings on Newport Beach, but the only shot I got was so blurry that I deleted it and only later realised that I'd wanted it for this scavenger hunt! *doh!* Fortunately I did already have these from The Tomboy's Brownie summer barbecue and campfire singing:

Not really a campfire, but at the time I thought the barbecue might be the closest I'd get!

And while this may not be a real fire, it's the campfire around which the Brownies sang their campfire songs, so it counts as one for them and therefore for me too!

And here's The Tomboy failing to warm her hands at it...!

Number 4 was a protest, town hall meeting or other political activity. I really didn't know how I was going to manage this one! We were out of the country when the riots happened across England, and I wouldn't have ventured near enough for a photograph even if we'd been home - not even to complete this challenge! ;) I did get this shot back on the day the hunt started:

...but I did think it was a bit of a cheat!

Then while we were visiting the aquarium at Santa Monica Pier, The Creative Beast noticed the petition and 'letters to your senator' regarding the sale of shark fins. She pointed out to me that this was political activity - yay!
I signed up in support...

And so did The Tomboy, with the children's version of the activity :)

#5: A hand-lettered sign selling something or giving directions. I didn't see any of these in England before we left for America! I fully expected to see signs for garage sales once we were in the US, though, and sure enough we saw many of them - but they tended to be on the busy roads I was driving along, so I didn't manage to stop and photograph them :( Newport Beach came up trumps again! :)
And look, I'm in shot too thanks to my reflection! :)
The Enthusiastic One insisted on this shot being taken! (I must tell you the story of that black eye some time...)
And we did walk past one Yard Sale sign (in Hollywood), so I got this shot without risk to my own car or anyone else nearby!

A person dressed as a pirate for #6? How convenient that the reception class had a 'pirate day' toward the end of last term! :)

As I said, I gave up on the idea of showcasing my photography skills...

Here's The Boy with his 'buddy' from the class :)

And #7 was a decorated mailbox, which I thought would be a dead cert for me during my time in the US. Rinda kindly allowed non-US participants to substitute a piece of garden sculpture, but I figured I'd find mailboxes galore in California!
Turns out, not so much. The road we stayed on didn't have them at all! And while we drove past a few, they were very plain and simple and, frankly, boring :( I did consider driving around all the local roads just looking for mailboxes then trying to park up wherever possible to slip back for the photo, but this plan didn't come to anything in the end. So I shall have to resort to these shots from early July:
A postbox rather than a mailbox, but I figured it was a close equivalent! And the 'decoration' is graffiti, sadly, but at least it's quite a cheerful graffito...

And having lagged behind to get the shot, The Family had gotten so far ahead of me that they'd crossed the road - you can see them in the background on the right! So that's how I get my snapshot with a team member....

So that's 7 items ticked off, both with and without team members. Seems like a good place for a break! I'll return soon and let you know how I got on with the next batch of items :)

PS Thanks for all your lovely comments, by the way! We're still pretty jetlagged, it's taking a while to get used to this time zone again. The Tomboy's back at school and I was at work yesterday, as was The Doctor; The Boy starts secondary tomorrow, so today we're off out to buy the last minute bits and pieces for him. Things are so busy and I have so much catching up to do that blogs are still lower down my list than I'd like, but I'm hoping that by next week we'll be back in the routine (and back in this time zone!)


Rachel Brett said...

It sounds like you had a fab time Mel, sorry I haven't been to visit for a while. I'm playing catch up now :)

JO SOWERBY said...

lovely pictures of the trip and the scavenger hunting. i have had to adapt mine abit too. only 3 left to get though so the race is on.
dont i recognise the child with the boy from a tv documentary?
jo xxx

Mise said...

Lovely photos! Does The Oblivious One know he is world-famous or is he oblivious to that too?

Alison said...

Great Scavenger Hunt pics....I still have a few to get,and am not too hopeful now!
Alison xx

scrappyjacky said...

Some pretty amazing shots,Mel.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Oh my gosh, Mel, you are so funny! The overachiever category is indeed built for you - LOL!

Denise said...

Wow - you have done so well and really made me chuckle :-)

Amy said...

Oh The Enthusiastic One looks so mournful by her fire .... but, I am not sure how reluctant The Reluctant One truly is, that last shot of him is pretty enthusiastic if you ask me!

Ginger said...

Perfect shots Mel!! Nothing wrong with overachieving :)Look forward to the next batch!

Bunnyfreak said...

There is a Butterfly award for you on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Great captures!

Sian said...

it looks like you might have nearly a full house?