Thursday, 15 September 2011

Hunting scavengers (or something like that...)

My dear blog friends - I can't believe it's taking me so long to get back into the swing of things! I keep thinking that life will settle down and I'll get my routine going again, but it just hasn't happened yet :( I owe several of you emails and all of you blog visits, but I've barely had the computer on at all this week! I'll do my best to give you the attention you deserve asap, please don't for one moment think I've forgotten you xx

In the knowledge that Rinda's scavenger hunt finishes very soon, here's a quick round up of a few more of my finds:

#8 was my country's flag. I debated whether to count myself as English or UK for this one, then figured I'd just see what flags of either I could spot!

I guess I'm English then... ;)

And look, I'm in the shot!!

A festival or fair for #9? Ought to be easy enough, we get plenty of summer fairs in England!

The Tomboy won a coconut at a local garden centre fair

And The Boy won some toy cars at a local village fair!

For #10, I needed a wooden bridge. A trip to a big park near where we live gave me plenty of opportunities :)

The Tomboy came along to help

At this early stage I was still experimenting with showing off my photography skills!

We liked this painted wooden bridge

Really attractive!

This one was rather plainer, but clearly wooden!

#11 was a forest.

The Children, The Mother and I took a picnic to a forest nearish where we live.

It is indeed quite possible that we made the trip at least partly so I could get the photos...

We also saw some forests of bamboo while we were away :)

#12, a unicycle, was challenging!

We cheekily photographed this sign in the library...

But we got lucky at the aforementioned village fair - sadly we didn't see the entertainer riding it, but we did see a real unicycle!

For #13 I was looking for a cemetary of historical significance or with an interesting story. Hence dragging my poor The Children to Hollywood Forever....

It felt a bit odd taking photos of graves, but it was interesting to see the resting places of Johnny Ramone and Mel Blanc (epitaph: That's All, Folks!)

I had no doubt I'd be able to get #14, a castle.

Sure enough, in July we had a family day out which included a visit to a castle!

And we saw this rather well-known castle in August...

This last, though, is actually a house which is on the same road as the house we rented in Pasadena!

Phew! 14 out of 14 - looking good so far.... But 7 more items on the list! Another update will follow :)


Maria Ontiveros said...

Awesome Mel!

Anonymous said...

Great finds, Mel!

helena said...

great to see items from UK and USA - interesting how the scavenger hunt items do provide a snapshot of each persons' summer

Alison said...

So far, so good Mel! I got two, totally unexpectedly yesterday which I hope to blog about later today!
Alison xx

scrappyjacky said...

Some great finds there, all the bridges. I'm definately going to be short of a few.

angelfish said...

You've done so well with the list. Love the painted bridge and the unicycle was a lucky find.
Can't wait to see the rest:)

Sian said...

Can you guess my favourite there? I'm a Ramones fan of course.

Super collection

Gail said...

Great going! Love the painted bridge.

Jimjams said...

Well done on your scavenging - I kept saying I should join in with this and never did - maybe next time!

Miriam said...

These are wonderful Mel. I got completely hooked on Rinda's Scavenger Hunt. x

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Great collection of photos! I'm still trying to even see a unicycle

Unknown said...

Mel, it is so nice to have you back in 'real time' but you have spoiled us letting us see all your travels. What a great time i've had this summer looking at all your exploring. Welcome back to the Melshes!

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Hi Mel! I have missed you, my friend! I hope things are settling down for you and that you are all getting back into your routines.

This is a great set of scavenger hunt photos! Well done!!! xo