Sunday, 21 August 2011

Until the sun comes out over Santa Monica...

Dear Diary,

20th August 2011.

Visited Santa Monica. First stop: Bergamot Station, a collection of art galleries with some amazing pieces - including photographs by Steve McCurry (wow!) and this intriguing car:

Also visited the Japanese paper shop there and browsed happily for a while before settling on a goody bag of lovely papers and some rolls of washi tape.

Had a delicious spinach burrito with tortilla chips and guacmole at a fabulous Mexican restaurant, yum :)

Then on to the pier. Weather overcast but still warm. Made it hard to see coastline though!

Sea looked grey and choppy, but still a thrill to see the Pacific again :)

Got good view of pelican which landed on pier. Over-friendly Chinese tourist frightened it away (and nearly got a nasty peck for her trouble).

Kids had fun looking through telescope. Not sure how much they actually saw, but they enjoyed it anyway!

Watched trapeze artists in training (wasn't tempted!)

Hadn't realised Santa Monica was end of Route 66!

Saw carousel that featured in The Sting. (Note to self: watch The Sting.)

Kids had a ride. Couldn't get clear shot of them so amused myself getting arty blurry motion shot instead.

Went to aquarium. Kids had close encounters with sealife.

I didn't.

(Jellyfish were cool though!)

Saw parrot bike a couple of times. 2 of parrots less than best friends, it seems.

Had fabulous time :) So grateful to lovely Creative Beast for taking us there! She's a darling :)


Mary B said...

You have some amazing photos here and I particularly like the blurry carousel one and the parrots fighting and the jellyfish

Alison said...

Santa Monica is one of my all-time favourite places...glad you enjoyed it too!
Alison xx

JulieJ said...

Love your carousel shot. I haven't mastered that yet - tried and failed yesterday. I got my DSLR after LYPLYP finished so I need to go back and do stuff again!

Sian said...

The aquarium! That's the place. Gosh, must be 7 or 8 years since we were there..

You have some really special pictures there

Clair said...

That is one day packed full of memories. How are you going to scrap them all?

Anonymous said...

Your photographs are fabulous, Mel! I recently heard Steve McCurry speak at the Eastman House here. Great lecture and I loved seeing a portfolio of his work.

Amy said...

A great day Mel and you are so lucky to have a personal tour guide! Hope you had a great weekend!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Looks like a really fun day!

The Creative Beast said...

You got some great shots of that day in Santa Monica Mel! Those carousel shots are great and they remind me to send you the few shots I took on that day...

I'm sure you'll get some more great shots at our next outing =-)