Friday, 12 August 2011

214 of 365

2nd August: Wherever we are in Pasadena, we can see these lovely mountains :)

Detail: Joe


Peachy Stream said...

Ahh what I wouldn't give for a bit of that blue sky. Just checking out of my window...oh yes...yes...still grey as per every August! :) (you are not missing anything in the way of a summer here!)

JulieJ said...

Not like the green, green hills of home (to misquote I know) but beautiful all the same. Can you send us some of that blue sky - it's rained nearly all week!

helena said...

beautiful view and some interesting 'diferent' trees

Lizzie said...

That is quite a view to wake up to in the mornings! I'm glad you are staying somewhere so picturesque - it will make the memories more special.
Trader Joe's... don't they sell paper and stuff for crafting? Or is that the "everything" kind of shop, like our Wilkinsons?
Wish I had taken photos of shops and stuff, when I was in USA. I didn't know then, that "Scrapbooking" existed - or else I'd have taken some quite different photos, I think! Imagine, I went to L.L.Bean and J.C.Penney and I have not a single photograph as evidence... (how sad, hee hee).
Hope you are all having a really wonderful time. Can't say "missing you", because, with your blog posts appearing, it's like you've never "left" at all... how weird is blogging!
Enjoy the sunshine - it's grey and dull here today!

Alison said...

Isn't it lovely to waken up to a view of the mountains every day...and don't you just love American 'stores'?!
Alison xx

JO SOWERBY said...

glad ur having a fabo time. sorry i missed the big day but was away being mary poppins to lil e and lil m for 3 days. so happy bday to u, happy bday to u, happy bday dear mel, happy bday to you xxxxxx,
jo xxx

Tammy said...

Glad you've got blue sky!! I'd love some here. :)