Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Things I love about my job...

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233 of 365

21st August: We visited the stunningly beautiful Getty Villa in the morning, and then went on to Topanga State Park in the afternoon :)

Detail: Park

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

A few more pics...

...of LA Zoo, following this morning's Project 365 post :)

232 of 365

20th August: We visited LA Zoo, and saw many different creatures! But this little guy was possibly the cutest of all :)

Detail: Stretch

Monday, 29 August 2011

231 of 365

19th August: Happy day :)

Detail: Smore

Ventura, pictorially

The wonderful, dear Creative Beast very kindly took me and The Children on another trip last week :) We went to Ventura! And this is what we saw:

~ A magnificent fig tree ~

~ A proud tall palm tree growing right up through the fig tree's branches! ~

~ A family of squirrels living on the beach (well, wouldn't you if you could?!) ~

~ Seagulls paddling ~

~ The sad demise of a crab ~

~ The beautiful weathering of wood and metal ~

~ An extensive range of flavours of salt-water taffy! ~

~ A great place to eat lunch :) ~

~ The Children's faces when their vanilla 'milk smoothies' arrived! ~

~ The Mission ~

~ Interesting exhibitions at the Museum ~

~ A truly wonderful camera shop! ~

~ A fair bit of traffic on the way home... ~

As if I didn't already have enough to thank my dear blog friend for, she also brought me a birthday gift of some cute little tags (one of which has already been incorporated into my travel journal) and something very special indeed.

I've already mentioned my excitement at seeing hummingbirds out here. It hasn't abated at all! We've been lucky enough to see a few in our garden, and every time we've visited the Huntington we've been sure to visit the flowers these little cuties love so much, and have stayed and watched and smiled for quite a while each time :)

So, naturally, when I was looking for a souvenir of our time in California, I hoped to find a hummingbird-themed item of some sort! Unfortunately, this wasn't as easy as I thought :( I did find a few really lovely ornaments, but they were too expensive (and too fragile!) The one time I thought I'd found something suitable, it turned out they had just about every other creature in stock, but not the hummingbird I'd seen in the leaflet. So, imagine my delight when I unwrapped this beautiful glass tile from my friend!

It's just perfect :) A wonderful souvenir of my time here, and a wonderful memento of my time with the most Creative of Beasts :) Thank you so much, my dear! xx

Sunday, 28 August 2011

230 of 365

18th August: We went to Santa Monica for the day :)

Detail: Jelly

Candy time!

The Boy, please could you pick a piece of paper from this pile?

OK, Mum - why?

Can I do it, too?

You can pick a piece from this other pile, The Tomboy. OK, both of you, open up your papers - what names have you got?

Peonies and Pennies!


That's great, thank you both! The Boy, you've picked a name from the 'UK' pile, and The Tomboy, you've picked from the 'overseas' pile, because I decided in the end to choose two winners of my Blogiversary Giveaway. Do you want to say congratulations to them both?



Congratulations from me, too :)

Beverly, I should have your address at home, but I won't send you anything till the weather cools down rather!

Peonies, please drop me an email at ispeakmelsh {at} hotmail {dot} com with your postal details and I'll get something to you as soon as I can after we get back to England (but give me a little time to make a little something for you too!) Here's a sneak peek of what just might be included in your package... ;)

Saturday, 27 August 2011

229 of 365

17th August: Because The Doctor is working at the Huntington, The Children and I have free passes so we can visit as often as we like :) This is such a great privilege! It's a beautiful place with much to see, so it's great to pop in and do just one gallery or one part of the gardens. On this day we visited the cool and peaceful lily ponds :)

Detail: Woody