Sunday, 31 July 2011

202 of 365

21st July: I got a gift from one of my pupils :) This doesn't often happen - because I teach them once a week, the parents don't tend to remember me when they're getting gifts for the class teacher and the teaching assistant who are there for the whole of the rest of the time. This really doesn't bother me, and I get plenty of thanks from my pupils, but it does mean that when I do receive a gift it's really special because it's out of the ordinary :)

Detail: Gift*

* The Tomboy also received a gift that day! Her teacher gave each child a bouncy ball or football with a personal message written on it for them. I was very proud to read this message :)


JO SOWERBY said...

aww that's so lovely when someone thinks of you, happy dance for mel and the tomboy,
jo xxx

Jimjams said...

Both thoughtful gifts - how lovely!

Ginger said...

those are great gifts and a wonderful message for the tomboy to receive :)