Saturday, 16 July 2011

187 of 365

6th July: Traditionally at our school, the Year 6 class does the end of year school production, with vocal assistance from the school choir. This year they performed Oliver! and The Boy played the part of Mr Bumble. I may have cried..... I may have snuck into the second show the following day as a 'helper'....... I may have cried again......!

Detail: Waste*

*As in 'waste of time', unfortunately. A governor training course that didn't really meet the course description and told me very little I didn't already know :(


Unknown said...

Mel, end of term is bittersweet isn't it. The Boy looks fab and i'm not surprised there was a tear. My boy had his 'graduation' ceremony from primary school yesterday and I might have had a few tears as well, some of them from a performance by one of the other classes where I only vaguely know the kids!!

Alison said...

Oh Mel...I remember Kirsty's 'Leaver's Assembly'...I cried the time I did 'Supply Teaching' at her school and all the children knew me....she was teased terribly and really hasn't forgiven me!
Alison xx

Karen said...

I can relate to this Mel, although not my son, but the little boy I have worked with since reception was given the part of the Wizard in our Y6 production of the Wizard of Oz. He absolutely shone and people were able to see the little boy I know and not the screaming and shouting little autistic boy that they thought they knew. He got a standing ovation!

The Mann Fam said...

Milestones. They grow up so fast. I'm glad you took those two chances to soak up the memories and then you recorded how they have affected you. Those are precious memories. xx