Saturday, 25 June 2011

166 of 365

15th June: The Tomboy's class led the assembly :) It was linked to Eco Week, and her part was 'Michael Recycle', who convinced the inhabitants of a town to recycle their rubbish. She did so well, speaking her lines clearly and with great expression - I was a very proud The Mother! :)

Detail: Already


Sian said...

She has a bit of a Darth Vader look about her there!

angelfish said...

Why do they have to put next year's school uniform in the shops, before the children have even finished this year! I hate having to buy so early! OK moan over!
The Tomboy is looking good as the caped eco crusader:)

Jo.C said...

It's a bit like one of those old black and white films with that tashe. Fab photo :0)

Rachel Brett said...

Yes I agree about the uniform thing! It's like the holidays are over before they have begun! Looking forward to my 5 weeks off :)

Alison said...

Well done The Tomboy!
Alison xx