Wednesday, 22 June 2011

163 of 365

12th June: After a couple of terms off, The Doctor and I agreed that we were refreshed and ready to start helping with Sunday Club again. This was my first 'proper' session (I'd stayed one week when we had an unexpectedly large turn-out, but wasn't attached to any particular group). It was fun to be back, but I'm glad to be a helper rather than a leader for the time being, and most relieved not to be coordinating the whole thing any more!

Detail: Carve


Beverly said...

I'm trying to decide if it's time for me to leave the land of teenagers and return to adult Sunday School but am still unclear about how God wants to use me at this point. The meal looks yummy!

Karen said...

We use that teaching material. I too have returned this term as a helper rather than a leader and enjoy it much more.

Unknown said...

We used to use that teaching material, but have since changed to the Scripture Union. Enjoy being back.