Tuesday, 7 June 2011

148 of 365

28th May: The Doctor and I sorted out The Tomboy's room. She has the smallest bedroom (isn't that often the way with the younger child?) so it's difficult to fit her belongings in there, never mind keep them tidy! In a couple of years' time we'll rethink the furniture and the layout of the room, but for now we've had a big declutter and better organised what's in there, as well as moving some things into The Boy's (much bigger) bedroom.

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Tracy said...

It is very hard to keep a small room tidy. I need to get into Brendas too. I love the colour of her carpet.

Rachel Brett said...

I think I was cheated with my room growing up! I was the oldest and had the smallest room, Lol! :)

Sian said...

Bet she loves her high up bed though!

Alison said...

It IS hard to keep a small space tidy! Hope you didn't throw out/recycle anything too precious...DD always said I was too ruthless!
Alison xx