Wednesday, 1 June 2011

142 of 365

22nd May: The Mother came round to share our Sunday roast, and I made the Yorkshire puddings in my new favourite thing - silicone cake cases! I wasn't sure they'd work for Yorkshires, but they so do, and they make the clearing up so much easier :)

Detail: Pop


Amy said...

I only have one large silicone cake tin but have often thought that the smaller ones would be more useful, the large ones are hard to get out of the oven :-)

helena said...

I love silicone bakeware - I use them wherever possible and especially in messy things - I have some in my grill pan to catch all the drips

debs14 said...

Yum! Gotta love yorkshire pudding!
And we have exactly the same type of poppy in our garden at the moment too, aren't they gorgeous?

Alison said...

Hadn't thought about using my silicone cake cases for anything other than cakes...TFS!
Alison xx

Heather said...

lovely poppy :) my favourite :))