Saturday, 28 May 2011

Your Love Of 2nd Hand Books, Documented

Did you know that May is Get Caught Reading Month? If you're in the US perhaps this is something you're more aware of, but I'd never heard of it till I read Sian's post on the Gotta Craft blog. What a fine idea! Why don't we do that too? Who should I contact to suggest it?

Sian mentioned it as good scrap fodder for using the latest Gotta Craft kit. Funnily enough, I did a bit of scrapping yesterday and I just happened to use a Gotta Craft kit (though it was from a previous month - lovely beautiful scrummy For The Record by Echo Park) and I just happened to scrap about books, too! See? :)

So true - The Doctor just loves browsing stalls or shops stocking second hand books. It'll keep him happy for hours! He usually buys at least one new treasure, but the browsing is almost as much fun as actually finding a title he wants.

But then, that's true for me, too.... As soon as I spotted this stall on the bank of the Tiber in Rome, I got my camera ready for the shot I knew was coming. And as soon as I got the shot, I was browsing that stall on my own account!

I had a lot of fun distressing everything on this layout to make it look old and 'second hand', and trying to handwrite in a font that was reminiscent of type! The papers and stickers from For The Record couldn't have been more perfect :)

In this family we're happy to be caught reading any time of the year.... And chances are it'll be a second hand book!


scrappyjacky said...

A lovely page,Mel....most of my books are second hand....but I occasionally can't resist a new craft one from Amazon...though they are usually paid for with evouchers from surveys that I do.

Sandra said...

What a perfect page. I can fully understand this browsing obsession - I have it too, looking at second hand cookery books.

Stunning page Mel ... please leave a link on the shop blog for others to see your creations - it's really lovely.

Jimjams said...

Lovely page - loads to enjoy!

Rachel Holaday said...

What a great page. I can't believe you handwrote that journaling - it looks amazing!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Paul and I both love used book stores - we have lots of them here in the states. The kids, not so much! I love the large piece of paper with the postage stamp border - so effective!

Karen said...

Love this page Mel and I am going to try to sneak a couple of photos of my family reading to make a layout inspired by this - eeeek only 2 days to get it done in!

Amy said...

I really love this page Mel, mostly because it is a reminder for me to scrap more about The Engineer as an individual and not just in his capacity as 'father' or 'husband'.

helena said...

we have 7 charity shops in my local high street (a sign of the times it seems) I pop in to scan the books regularly.

great layout - love the dsitressed look

Tracey said...

I've never heard of Get Caught Reading Month either ... what a great idea.

Your page looks great! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the layout, and have been mulling over a reading layout myself! I'm buying many fewer books now that I have a Kindle and an iPad. I didn't think I'd EVER want to read on an electronic device, but on our recent trip it was wonderful.

Sian said...

Working backwards through my Google Reader after a migrainous day yesterday, I have finally got here to see your fab page!

I'll take my books new, second hand, out of a bin (yes, actually did this once), any way I can get them.

You have also given me an idea - if I remember for this time next yeat "getting caught reading" would make a great blog hop, wouldn't it?