Saturday, 7 May 2011

Project Declutter: Week 1

As I mentioned here, I'm using the month of May to clear some space in our house and get rid of stuff we really no longer want or need! Partly as a record for me and partly to keep me accountable(!) here's a report of the first week of Project Declutter. (I've been keeping notes each day in a cute little notebook sent to me by Melissa; I've left the facing pages blank so I can add mini photos at the end of the project and turn the notebook into a mini album :) The notes below are taken verbatim from the notebook - except where I've had to change names!) Sometimes I've got before and after photos, sometimes just a pic of the items I'm getting rid of, but I'm sure you'll figure that out....

Sunday 1st May

Finished emptying the loft of the old insulation and as much rubble as possible. Lots of full bags in the garage now waiting to be taken to the tip.

NB: Some boards and rubble still up there. Sweep? Vacuum?

Monday 2nd May

Sorted through a large stack of Papercraft Essentials magazines, tearing out the articles I want to keep and recycling the rest.

NB: It took hours!  Start with a smaller stack next time!

Tuesday 3rd May

Sorted through a small pile of stamping supplements. Tore out a few pages but recycled most of it.

Got enthusiastic and sorted a pile of miscellaneous magazines (Craft Stamper, Quick & Crafty, Quick Cards Made Easy, Cardmaking & Papercraft) in the same way.

Wednesday 4th May

Threw away The Doctor's old lamp - yes, the one that hasn't worked in months!

Thursday 5th May

Those after dinner mints from Lakeland, the ones on top of the kitchen cupboard? Over 2 years past their best before date, oops... Into the bin they go!

Imagine photo here
('cos it's still on my camera card, forgot to transfer it)

Also discovered that the 'Wii remote' sweet dispensers were still in date, so gave them to The Tomboy's party guests.

Friday 6th May

Took bags of rubble from 1st to the tip.

Sorted out wardrobe, particularly jackets and jumpers, and The Tomboy's dresses* - filled 2 bags for charity shop, and found a dress damaged beyond repair - added it to my fabric stash.

Also used up some past-their-best grapes in a cake. (Yum!)

Saturday 7th May

Finished my book (Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close) and put it straight into the charity bag.**

Kitchen cupboard day! Sorted out the bakeware and filled a charity shop bag with unwanted tins and ramekins.

Also sorted the pasta machine and juicer for offering on Freecycle. Listed the old printer on Freecycle while I was at it! (That photo's also on the camera card...)

Disposed of some out-of-date stuffing mix and freezepops from the back of the wrong cupboard...

And The Doctor took the 3 bags to the charity shop and more of the attic junk to the tip ♥


* I know, I know.... Dresses? The Tomboy? Doesn't work, does it? That's why they've gone to the charity shop.... Pity, we'd been given some really lovely dresses for her by people who didn't really know her!!

** I feel I should say that the book was better than this makes it sound!! It was a bit like The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time in some ways, while including bits of WWII and September 11th - an interesting read :) But I know I probably won't read it again, and much as we love books I am trying to be strict with myself and not keep too many of them, so this one can benefit a charity and a new reader now!


Overall, I'd say that was a successful first week :) I may only have managed to get rid of one item on a couple of the days, but that's OK, particularly on a busy day. And on some days I managed to accomplish quite a lot! I've already been able to better organise my magazines and kitchen equipment having made some space, and the loft is ready for the new insulation to be laid on Monday. Hope I can keep this up!

Anyone else playing along? How's it going so far? Or would you like to join in? You'd be more than welcome, and it's not too late! Details of how I'm doing it are here, but you can make up your own rules to make the project suit you. Let me know if you do have a go, I'd love to hear about it! :)


Gem's Crafts said...

Wow! You certainly have been busy this week, good luck with the rest of the clear up project :)

Jo.C said...

I'm really impressed by how much went to the tip - that was a week's worth in itself. I am just sorting out the craft room so I can actually get in it! Got OH putting up shelves and pictures that have been waiting ages - Must be spring :0)

scrappyjacky said...

Amazing amount sorted....though shame on you for allowing a box of chocolate mints to go out of date!!!!
I've sorted all my summer clothes....have a bag for the charity collection .....and a bag to boot sale.

debs14 said...

I'm exhausted just reading it! Hope my husband never sees this page or he will start making comments about our de-cluttering (It's not clutter - it's future essentials!)

Tracy said...

Wow, well done, you have done such a lot. You are making me feel guilty, lol.

Anonymous said...

I started purging out pantry the other day and was so mad at myself for the amount of expired food. So much $$ down the drain. I need to finish but our recycle bin is full so I have to wait.

Rachel Brett said...

Wow, I think you have achieved a lot in one week..I really must get on and sort my craft room! :)

Maria Ontiveros said...

A very successful week! I've been working on organizing/purging my scrap space. My book group almost chose that book.

Alison said...

Keep up the good work Mel...maybe once I am visitor-free I'll play along!
Alison xx

Lizzie said...

I' so Impressed! Every day you managed something - even if it was only 1 thing...

Well, DH cleared out the office. He filled two boxes for car boot sales, a large bag for recycling and another half-bag of non-recyclable rubbish.

I tidied out DS's clothes storage cupboard - where his out-of-season stuff is put - the chest of drawers and the bottom of his wardrobe. I managed to get rid of several items from each place, into a charity bag for collection (which they then did not collect, so I have to wait for the next one!).

I also managed to not acquire any more empty boxes/cartons "for embellishing some time" - I put them in the recycling. I think that was very good, as I usually can't bear to part with a "nice box" and already have far too many.

I've done a fair bit of Thinking About De-cluttering, but not so much actual getting rid of stuff... better luck next week, perhaps.

Thanks for the inspiration and for sharing your willpower!

Melissa said...

WONDERFUL JOB Mel!! And I am so excited you've found a great use for the little notebook - I hadn't thought of turning it into a mini-album. I'll have to rethink how I'm using mine now.

I plan to start some major organizing/decluttering now that Robbie is headed back to work. I'm starting with the master closet on Monday (or before if the mood strikes).

Karen said...

Well done Mel. That is a job I really need to do but do not feel motivated to tackle it at the moment.

Jimjams said...

Well done Mel - an incredible tally of decluttering.
I was joining in too ... erm, but, erm ... I forgot

Cheri said...

I recall doing a few of those magazine declutters myself! Must feel so much lighter without all that excess!

Amy said...

Mel, I think you are doing a fantastic job and you have made wonderful progress, the key now is to not lose enthusiasm and to find a magical way to not allow excess stuff to hang around!

Lesley said...

You have been busy Mel.

I would love to sort all my rubbish out but my hubby is a hoarder to the highest degree and I think needs counselling before I even attempt to sort our house out.

We moved all his apartment contents into my house that was already quite full, However it has been three years and I'm getting sick to death now that is isn't the home I want it to be for us both.

You've inspired me to make a start now though.

Lesley x

furrypig said...

I have sorted a couple of things out but to be honest I forgot it was declutter at least one thing per day in May time!! I will also try harder this week!!! xxx

Clair said...

I thought you were going to use that pasta maker for polymer clay? Doh!

MonicaB said...

You are really inspiring me to get my decluttering back on track. I'm amazed at how much you did in the week!

Beverly said...

VERY impressive week one results! Don't you hate when something like the mints have been forgotten and dated out?

Peonies and Pennies said...

So impressed by what you have achieved so far. Keep up the good work.

Miriam said...

Goodness you have done well! I have two bags ready for the charity shop! Thanks for the inspiration x