Sunday, 17 April 2011

Alphanumeric Blog Hop

Welcome to our blog hop! It's all about letters of the alphabet. And also numbers. And maybe a couple of other linked topics, too, you'll have to look out for those! ;-) I hope you'll enjoy seeing our varied takes on the theme as you follow round the hop; you'll be visiting our blogs in alphabetical order of their titles, but this is not necessarily going to take you through the alphabet in order, which should keep things interesting... Look out for opportunities to win prizes along the way, too - I have a giveaway here on my blog and you may well come across one or two others on your travels :-)

Me? I'm not sharing a letter or a number in my post. Neither is my blog actually in the right place in the hop alphabetically. You know me, I like to be different!! But I am still following the theme of the hop, as you will see....

As I explained back in November 2009, I've always had my own individual way of talking. Partly in the things I say (and I talk a lot!!) But also my accent is really a mixture of accents from all over the place - a little bit North of England, a little bit Irish, a little bit South-West of England, a lot just me! And also, I'm a quarter Welsh. So at university, my way of talking became known as 'Melsh', mixture of 'Mel' and 'Welsh' (even though there isn't really any Welsh accent in there!)

When I started a blog, it seemed a good way to describe the kind of thing I'd be talking about - both the content and the way I say things. (And it seemed pretty likely that no-one else would have picked the name.) (And I couldn't think of anything else!)

I'm aware though that not everyone out there is fluent in Melsh, so I've been thinking for a little while about adding a Melsh dictionary page to my blog so you can look up any strange expressions that appear here. (If I say something odd and it doesn't appear in the dictionary, you can always request a definition and I'll add it!) So when this blog hop started to come together, it occurred to me that this was the ideal time to start compiling my dictionary :-)

We have so many dictionaries in our house! And yet no Melsh dictionary? This must be remedied....

Here are the first few entries - you'll notice that, in the traditions of pretty much any language, I freely borrow words and phrases as I come across them and adopt them into my lexicon! I'll be adding all these and more as I think of them into a Melsh dictionary page here on my blog - check the tabs at the top to see it appear soon!

Melsh Dictionary (preview edition)

50 million: A generic term for 'a lot'. Some might say it's an exaggeration, but it seems a nice descriptive number to me. Useful in phrases such as 'I've got 50 million books to mark!' or 'I've told you 50 million times to tidy your room!'

Christmas is ruined! It doesn't actually have to be Christmas, it could be a holiday, a meal, anything that should be special. This phrase is only to be used when something tiny and unimportant has gone wrong, and suggesting that the event is ruined is a massive overreaction.

Dalek go-balls: We started eating these in January last year, after a spoonerism of The Tomboy's. They're much more interesting than garlic doughballs! ;-)

Determinded (pronounced detter-mine-ded): Meaning determined, this came about when The Brother declared how 'detter-mine-ded' he was to do something. We all adopted this new word immediately.

Doofer: Remote control. As in, the thing you use to 'do for' the TV. (Melsh words do not always make sense, OK?!)

Eyebrax: A word of Australian origin. Many thanks to Amy's The Four Year Old who coined this delightful and useful contraction of 'eyebrow wax'.

Gazinta: The mathematical notation for division. It helps you work out, for example, how many times 5 'gazinta' 40.

I quote Kate: Some time ago, Kate described how a layout wasn't quite working out as she'd intended, but she just said 'Sod it!' and got on with it. As regular readers will know, I don't swear, so instead of saying 'Sod it!' when an idea isn't quite working out, I say 'I quote Kate!'

Losables: This one is thanks to Lord Tim of Holtz :-) On my ArtsyCrafts day (which I think I've mentioned once or twice?!) Tim talked about the little plastic bag of 'losables' in our kit - so called because as soon as you open the bag you're likely to lose them! Isn't it a great word? :-)

Right, I think that's enough to be going on with! But look out for these and other Melsh words and phrases in my all-new dictionary blog page - and don't forget that you can request new additions and definitions as required!

Now, then, it's time for you to visit some lovely blogs and read some lovely posts :-) Here's a list of the blogs taking part in this hop, in order:

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Note: If any of the posts aren't up yet, please bear with us - the different time zones and the peculiarity of blogging platforms when it comes to autoposts may mean that one or two posts don't appear on time! If that's the case, come back to this list to pick up from the next blog, but do please pop back and try the other link later, when the post should be there for your enjoyment.

Once you've visited all the blogs, you should be able to answer these few simple questions, and enter my giveaway!
  1. On which blog will you find a post on the letter 'W'?
  2. On which blog will you find a post on the number '1'?
  3. On which blog will you find a post on the letter 'J'?
  4. On which blog will you find a post on the number '5'?
  5. And finally, on which blog will you find a post on the letter 'H'?
To enter, email your answers to me: ispeakmelsh {at} hotmail {dot} com. (Please don't leave your answers in a comment or you'll give it away to everyone else!!) You've got until 5pm GMT (that's 6pm BST) on Wednesday 20th April. I'll announce the winner as soon as possible after this time. Blog hop participants are eligible to enter because I only told them their own letter or number, they had no prior knowledge of each other's! And the prize will be a surprise, though you'll probably be pleased to know that I decided against my first idea of a mathematical dictionary, appropriate though it seemed.... ;-)

*** Edited to say - giveaway now closed! Thanks for your entries! ***

Now off you go to visit Beverly at BE Glorious. Enjoy the hop! xx


Lisa Echerd said...

Thank you for doing such a MARVELOUS job of coordinating the hop! I'm sure we are all going to enjoy it.

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Loving all your definitions Mel:)
Fiona x

Ginger said...

Those are great def's Mel! Thanks for organizing the Hop!!

Mary B said...

Oh super duper love the definitions especially losables that one has to be added to mine too though I think most of my losables are probably much bigger things.

Melissa said...

I am so excited that you've started a dictionary Mel - this will be very helpful! :>) I really like deter-mine-ded and losables - will be looking for ways to add those in my conversations today. Thanks for all your work organizing this fun hop - off now to check out all the numbers & letters and maybe even invent a word of my own.

debs14 said...

Thanks for organising the blog hop Mel! I'm looking forward to spending a happy hour or so browsing through the entries!

furrypig said...

Great start to the blog hop Mel! Looking forward to more from that Melsh dictionary! Thanks for organising everything it is all so exciting! I miss Kate (I knew her as Jam Tart then Jammy or Jamter originally from a forum) I can't access her blog now even though she sent an email to me to get me invited boo hoo! xxx

Miriam said...

Great start Mel & I love and will adopt Losables!

K said...

Love love love the idea of a personal dictionary ... may have to steal that idea for a scrap page or 2 :-)

I'm kinda the opposite to you as in I live in the west midlands so as A dear friend (widely known as choccy orange) put it I speak posh Brum, but I also come out in a welsh accent - No of my family (that I know of) are welsh & yet, especially when excited or aggitated I come out in a welsh lilt (think Gwen from Torchwood).

Thanks for being our Alpha leader & doing a super job :)

Wanda said...

This hop looks like it will be great fun. BTW, I like "doofer" but I don't quite get "Dalek go-balls".

Tracy said...

Thanks for organising this hop. I love the idea of a dictionary, made me think of all the words we use that arent normal, lol. We used to call the remote a NoNo, we always said No No, when DD touched it and in the end she called it nono!

Anonymous said...

Love your Melsh dictionary - think losables will be definitely added to our "orphan" words (as my DH calls them. Looking forward to more entries.

jillconyers said...

What a fun post Mel! Thanks for hosting.

helena said...

yeah, all the way round - 1 hr and 28 mins !! it was fabulous - learnt things, have 4 tabs with links I want to follow and I laughed a lot (and was sad too sometimes)

thanks Mel

Rachel Brett said...

Fab post Mel, the dictionary is a fun idea... And oh so useful! :)

Clair said...

Probably a good job that you never end up quoting me. Talk soon x

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I say gazinta too!

Fun blog hop!!

akilli melek said...

what a great idea for a blog hop.
love dictionaries and your definitions are very funny.

Mary B said...

I gone all the way round and commented on nearly all of them. it has taken me all afternoon I started at 2pm and it is now 5pm. It has been so much fun and I have really enjoyed it tremendously. Thank Mel

Jen said...

Mel this has been a truly fun experience for me - and I have so enjoyed not only your post - but all the others too. Those definitions are fabulous - we also use doofers -LOL and am definitely going to steal "losables". I love that we are not theonly family to have our own made up words.
Thanks so much for arranging this blog hop! Jen x

Unknown said...

Thanks for doing this. I did B4S a little while ago and have only just got around to checking out some of the stuff at the forum. i have popped the bundles of blogs on my reader and am totally overwhelmed!!! I have to go out now, but when I get back I am going on your blog hop! Jen xx

furrypig said...

Have just come back to say I have completed the blog hop and enjoyed every post and blog I have visited. It really was a great way to while away several hours of my time althoug I am meant to be packing for the kids and I to go away for a couple of days!! xxx

Cheri said...

Love your Melsh dictionary, but is "sod" really a curse word? Here in the U.S. it just means rolled up blankets of grass grown at a nursery that you use to create an instant yard.

Sian said...

This hop is compelling - I keep saying I'll look at one more and then I'll rest my eyes for a bit!! But I've managed to reach here and it's good to be able to thank you for doing such a fine job of pulling us all together. The entertainment, as we say round here, has been mighty!!

Unknown said...

I LOVE your Melsh dictionary! What a great idea! I think I might need a definition of my own for "Carrie-isms."

Thanks again for coordinating this fun blog hop - and I love your giveaway rules, too! :) You rock!!

Mrsjobee said...

Love your definitions. I am an English person, married to a Welshman and living in Scotland - and thanks to my DH serving his country for 23 years we have moved around a fair bit meaning that I have lost any accent so I no longer sound like a Brummy which is where I am originally from. My son is now a teenager - and I am sure he speaks another language entirely from us!!

scrappyjacky said...

Love your dictionary idea,Mel.

Anonymous said...

I've made my way around the world, and had just the nicest time! Thanks for all your hard work, Mel. It's so much fun to visit "old friends" and find some new bloggers along the way.

alexa said...

Your wonderful Melshisms have brought a big smile to my face. I love Gazinta and Eyebrax, and the Dalek-Go-Balls will remain with me forever! Brilliant BlogHop!

Tracy said...

Thanks for a great hop, I have really enjoyed it. I know I commented twice, just wanted to add this.

Nicky Stevenson said...

Thanks for this. I've just done the whole lot too and thoroughly enjoyed it. So much so that I wished I'd joined in with my own blog. Maybe next time... x

Peonies and Pennies said...

Thank you for organising a wonderful blog hop. I love your "Dalek go-balls". ~x~

Michelle S said...

Gr8 definitions! Thank u so much for organising a fab hop :)

Cheryl said...

Love it Mel will try and keep up but my internet is not great in Wales great job x

Cheryl said...

Great idea Mel will try and visit every one's lovely blogs but internet connection is not great in Wales xx

Becky said...

Great post Mel! We have our own words here to and could do with a dictionary - one of our favourites which Penny came up with on holiday is to 'photogrificate' things, so we always call it this now! Have really enjoyed the hop - thanks for all the work you have put into it.

Jo.C said...

Well done - it was a fabulous blog hop and everyone did a fantastic job :0)

Beverly said...

Love that you are creating a Melsh dictionary that will stay on ther blog! Thanks for conceiving of and implementing a great hop. You rock!

Heather said...

Mel your bloghop was a triumph! The blogs were so varied & Im sure I speak for all that we really enjoyed taking part (even me after I got over my nerves!). Thankyou so much Mel.

Whens the next one?

Heather said...

PS we have Dalek bread in this house so we might have to look up some dalek go-balls!

Amy said...

Yes, 'eyebrax' has entered folk lore here too! We can up you on the 50 million though - TSYO opts for 150 million when entering a state of over exaggeration!

Will email later - just starting on the hop now so I might be a while ;-)

Jimjams said...

Phew - I'm exhausted with all that hopping - 2 hours plus - but it has been SO much fun to see 50 million fabulous blogs and such creative blogging. BRILLIANT!!!

Thanks for organising it :D

Amy said...

Oh it is a blur it is a blur ... I have hit the hop all in one go and now I think I need to take a long walk to recover! Thanks for all the work Mel - well done, a resounding success!

Maria Ontiveros said...

So excited to get started! I've been busy all day but just poured myself a nice glass of wine and am looking forward to hopping around! Thanks for getting us all organize and for telling us a bit more about your own special language.

Lizzie said...

Wonderful! Love the New Melsh Dictionary... I'm sure it will build over time, into a huge and heavy tome, to rival the Shorter Oxford...

Looks like a great blog-hop. I'll have to do it a little at a time, as "Time" is a challenge for me just now!

Thanks for organising this. I will be back (To quote someone other than Kate!).

Kirsty.A said...

I've only just joined in and found that blgger lost my scheduled post so i've doneva shorter version from my phone. Like your melsh dictionary. Look forward to hopping when i can

JO SOWERBY said...

Just finished hopping. Wow what a fab hop and no breaks. Sick in bed so this has brought some much needed sunshine into my room. Jo xxx

Winnie said...

Loved the blog hop Mel, thanks for organising it. Your Melsh dictionary is fabulous too!

Unknown said...

:o) Fun post, my friend! Just now making the rounds and I wanted to start with you.

I love your list of Mel words! Very clever - and I was fun to see your former blog banner in the mix too! xo

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Haha - well, this is what I get for not checking my log-in. Being out of town this weekend, Carrie was hanging out at my computer and left herself logged into blogger. That last comment is from me, not my kiddo. ;o)

Make My Day UK said...

A lovely post! Can't believe I got a mention haha! (nor did I realise "sod it" was a swear word - thanks for the education!!) :) I do pop over regularly and lurk ! :)

Your Doofer is our Dangler !!

JulieJ said...

I didn't realise I speak a little Melsh. Doofer is a common word in our family, although it has rather wider useage than just the remote control, which is generally referred to as the zapper.
I also, once upon a time, used to read determined as det-er-minded: until someone laughed at me and pointed out my mistake and then I stopped.

Clair said...

Finally made my way to the end of the blog-hop this morning. It's been fun Mrs. Thanks for putting it together x