Saturday, 30 April 2011

Details of March

I know I'm a month behind each time - that's just how it is.....!

Here's my art journal calendar for March:

I keep saying 'Perhaps next month will be when I get to grips with my camera?' Um.... It didn't happen in March! (And I can tell you that April wasn't the month, either!) In fact, I don't seem to have an art journal page specifically for March. However, here's an early April page about planning our trip to California :-)

In other details, I'm doing pretty well with my E100 readings - I've nearly finished the 50 Old Testament readings now, and since I've given myself the whole year to read all 100, that's good enough progress for me. I'm still trying out new recipes regularly and when I noticed that I'd stopped trying so hard to eat more healthily I once again started noting down everything I ate, so I'm keeping an eye on those details, too. And, of course, I'm still including a detail photo along with my main shot for each day within my Project 365. Overall, I'd say my one little word is going well :-) And my aim to play more with art journaling is *definitely* going well, thanks in no small part to Sian's Pass The Book - and there's a coincidence, there's still time to put your name down if you'd like to read the book next!

So there are a few details of March, as we reach the end of April..... Wonder what May will bring?!

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110 of 365

20th April: Packing! We had an early flight the following morning so everything had to be ready...

Detail: Steamy

Friday, 29 April 2011

3 Things on Friday

Thing 1 - Happy Holiday

As you may have gathered, we've been away on holiday :-) When I saw that the Beyond Blogging For Scrapbookers class was going to be run over these few weeks I was a bit disappointed, but figured I'd just work through the prompts in my own time. Luckily we had a wireless connection in our holiday property so while I didn't spend much time online I was able to keep an eye on the prompts and hence didn't miss out on the My Day In Photos project! We were away for a week and I took over 600 photos... While I don't plan to share them all with you, I do love to post a few holiday pics! But I'm aware that not everyone might want to see them, so first here are the other 2 Things and the photos will follow at the end of this post :-)

Thing 2 - Blog Amnesty

Being away for a week has naturally meant that I've gotten rather behind with my blog reading! I'm preserving what's left of my sanity by declaring a blog amnesty: while I hope to read as many of your posts as possible, I'm not going to worry too much about commenting till I'm up to date with reading everyone's news, and then I'll get back into my regular pattern of commenting. I'd rather read more and comment less for a few days! If there's anything major that you've blogged about lately and you don't want me to miss it, do let me know, but I hope I'll find it for myself anyway - I just may not have the chance to comment on it, sorry xx

Thing 3 - Project Declutter

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I had a new project in mind for May, and that it wasn't a craft one! Well, I'm naming it Project Declutter. My plan is that every day through May I will get rid of something we no longer want or need. I'm a hoarder, and I know I have too much stuff! I've made up a few rules for how I plan to do this, and I'm listing them here for my own benefit, though if anyone's interested enough to play along for a week or even the whole month, this might give you an idea of how you could make your own version work:
  1. It's only clutter if it bothers me. A pile of craft stuff doesn't necessarily bother me. A drawer stuffed full of long-outgrown children's clothes does.
  2. At least one thing per day - it's OK to get rid of more than one!! I can fill a bag with said outgrown children's clothes on one particular day and that works. BUT - I'm not allowed to then say to myself that because there were 7 items in that bag I don't need to get rid of anything else that week.... I do have to declutter every single day.
  3. However, this is my project, so I don't get to beat myself up if I miss a day. If I can catch up the following day that would be good though.
  4. The item doesn't actually have to leave the house on that day, but I have to have started the process! It's OK to fill a bag for the charity shop on a Sunday then drop it off the next day, for example. And it's OK to list something on Freecycle on a particular day but not have it collected till later that week. And I can list something on eBay so it won't actually be sold for a week, but I have at least listed it. The most important thing is to identify that day's item and start to get rid of it, with a definite deadline for it to leave the house.
  5. I shall post updates here on my blog, as an accountability exercise!
And now for those holiday photos....

We (The Doctor, The Children and I, and The Friends - a family with 2 children of primary school age) flew into Bergerac. I've never seen a baggage reclaim quite like this before!!

We spent the first day exploring Bergerac's lovely churches...

...finding statues of Cyrano (de Bergerac, naturally!) and spotting interesting details...

...admiring the gorgeous flower beds and taking a ride on the very thorough road train tour.

We spent that first night in a hotel in Bergerac, then the next day we went to a supermarket to stock up before heading to our holiday property. I loved the range of exotic fruits, and the water misters keeping the salad fresh!

And then we drove to the village of Constant in the Dordogne region. It was an abandoned and run down village bought up a few years ago by a holiday company and lovingly restored into a really lovely location :-)

It was so quiet and secluded, really peaceful!

The heated outdoor pool was never overcrowded - and there was a second outdoor pool and an indoor one, too!

Gorgeous details could be seen everywhere I looked :-)

We visited Rouffignac caves to view the prehistoric cave paintings and etchings, including many of mammoths.

It wasn't easy to take photos of the cave art - but it turned out that I wasn't supposed to anyway! I'd missed the sign by the entrance.... Here's the guide spotting my camera:

 (He was very nice about it though!)

We found a church that held services in English so we were able to attend a service on Easter Sunday, which was good :-)

It was set on the top of a hill at Limeuil, and surrounded by picturesque properties like this one:

Limeuil is set at the confluence of two rivers (the Dordogne and the Vezere) and is stunningly beautiful!

We also visited an old abbey church at Paunat. (A few years ago the ceiling fell down - can you see the crack in the far wall at the bottom right of the second photo below? That's why the wooden rafters are exposed!)

We visited Beynac Castle, perched high on rocky cliffs above the Dordogne river:

We went to an aquarium and saw some fish, lizards and geckos...

...turtles and terrapins, and snakes...

...and had the chance to stroke some fish, too!

We visited the Chateau de Castelnaud, perched high on rocky cliffs above the Dordogne river:

The views were incredible! We could even see Beynac Castle:

The Tomboy had a fabulous birthday :-)

And we went to see the beautiful Marqueyssac gardens, from which we could see both Castelnaud and Beynac :-)

We spent the last day of the holiday quietly in Constant Village, swimming, playing, packing, wandering around and lizard-spotting:

Then home! With many photos and many memories of a lovely, lovely holiday with our friends :-)