Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Taste test, or Mise vs The Rector's Wife

You see, The Rector's Wife does make extraordinarily good fudge. It's really very good indeed.

However, Mise prides herself on her own extraordinarily good fudge, so when I first mentioned that I thought The Rector's Wife made the best fudge ever, she challenged me on this statement. And so, when she talked on her blog about concocting batches of fudge, I naturally commented on my expectation that she would of course be sending some to me for a taste test.

And then she actually, really, truly, did!

So here you will find the results of my scientific analysis and comparison of the two fudges.....

1. Unexpectedness of gift

The Rector's Wife had given us fudge at Christmas in 2008 and 2009, but this was during our tenure as co-ordinators of the work of Sunday Club. I therefore didn't expect any for Christmas 2010. However, because we also run a house group, we were still on the list!

I should have realised that Mise's generosity and loveliness* would urge her on to send me a fudge sample after the comment I had made, but I totally didn't. Her offer of free fudge was extremely unexpected and most, most welcome.

2. Presentation

The Rector's Wife had packed the fudge into small plastic bags, then wrapped it in pieces of fabric tied with a jaunty and colourful bow. She had also enclosed a tiny handmade card.

Mise had utilised the adorable little tin above, and her gift was accompanied by a very tasteful notecard.

Both parties awarded bonus points for reusability of packaging - the fabric and ribbon have found their way into my craft supplies, and the tin adorns my mantelpiece and provides a safe place of repose for various small bits, bobs and thingummies which would otherwise fall down behind the (gas, sadly) fire and be lost forever.

3.Appearance of product

The fudge from The Rector's Wife was cut into large, rustic-looking pieces which looked creamy and golden and suggested an almost jaw-aching sweetness; it was inviting, light and moreish in appearance, with a caramel and vanilla scent.

Mise's fudge was richer and darker looking, offering the suggestion of a deeper, more intense treat. The pieces were smaller but again cut into pleasingly rough-hewn little chunks. As I opened the tin, I was greeted by a sugary aroma with a slightly darker edge of intrigue, with notes of burnt caramel**

4. Texture of product

The Rector's Wife's fudge has an interesting grain to it. This crystalline consistency is always evident to some extent, but was more pronounced in this particular batch. I suspect that this is at least partly due to it having been stored for a while since being given to us, so that I could compare it properly side by side with the sample from Mise.*** There was a pleasing slight resistance to the teeth as you first bit into a piece, before the corner would break away into your mouth; there was a creaminess underlying the grain as you chewed.

The fudge of Mise was softer, while still offering that initial slight and pleasing resistance. With this fudge your teeth would sink slowly through the fudge until the corner was detached from the rest of the piece, and then the morsel would melt creamily in your mouth with barely the need to chew it at all.

5. Taste of product****

Mmmmmmm...... Mmmmmm! Mmmmmmmmmm :-)

Mmmmmmm! Mmmmmm...... Mmmmmmmmmm :-)

6. Conclusion*****



* and fierce competitive streak

** Please note, I am not saying that Mise had burnt the fudge!! I'm explaining that the smell of it had depth, with rich tones coming through.

*** The thought might have crossed your mind that Mise had delayed production of her fudge so that the quality of The Rector's Wife's sweets might deteriorate slightly in the meantime, but fie! Cynical reader! How could you suggest such a thing of gentle Mise? Besides, she didn't even know that I was saving the other fudge since Christmas, so there.

**** At this point, the scientific analysis appears to have broken down. Instead of technical notes, annotated diagrams, carefully calculated formulae and neatly ruled charts and graphs, the notes degenerate into the 'Mmmmmmmm's as faithfully recorded above. We apologise for this departure from the scientific approach so clearly evidenced within the rest of this report.

***** Again, we apologise for the breakdown in standards at this point. When we went to collect the report from our tester, we found her bouncing around the room in a Tigger-like manner, experiencing something of a sugar rush, having - instead of carefully rationing the samples of fudge for further analysis - scoffed the lot. We have taken her for a little quiet time in a darkened room, and hope to be able to bring you the conclusion of this report when she has scraped herself off the ceiling. Thank you for your patience.


Mise said...

This is the most stringent, methodical piece of scientific analysis I've read in quite a while, and no one could disagree with your very conclusive conclusion. You will be the very first President of my Global Fudge-Tasting Foundation.

Melissa said...

Such a fun post Mel - and now I'm hungry for some fudge!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Mel, you had me grinning all the way through this! Yet more fantastic descriptions, I felt as if I could almost be looking at and eating it myself. :-)


Mary B said...

lol *giggles* and my taste buds are working overtime I NEED FUDGE

scrappyjacky said...

One person testing fudge is not an acceptable piece of scientific analysis at all.....the fudge should have been sent to a group of fudge loving bloggers.....for a stringent test to be carried out.....please keep this in mind in future!!!!!!!!!
Or else set up video camera to watch which one the new hamster takes back to his cage!!!!

alexa said...

Dear Sir/Madam, I wonder if I might be permitted to apply for the post of Chief Taster? My credentials and palette are impeccable and I can safely be relied upon not to need any scraping off the ceiling, nor to be the subject of any Tigger-ish sugar rush. If you could see your way to posting some fudgy specimens to me, I would be delighted to provide you with a detailed analysis, for free. Yours faithfully and living in hope. :)

Heather said...

hehe Mel you put the smile back on my face tonight - thankyou :)

Denise said...

Totally agree with Jacky, there should definitely be some analysis by other bloggy fudge lovers next time ! Your post has made me smile x

Tania A said...

Hilarious xD

Anonymous said...

LOL!! This post was a perfect end to my day--always good to end with a laugh--and some chocolate of course.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Yum! Fudge!

Alison said...

Great post Mel....had me smiling all the way through!