Sunday, 13 March 2011


Linda asked me which adhesive I used, so I thought about it a bit and here's my answer!

Double-sided tape has always been my adhesive of choice. You can get it fairly cheaply, you can cut it to size, it's a 'dry' glue (I always had mixed - and often messy - results with 'wet' glue!) and by just peeling back the end of the tape till you're happy with the positioning you have a chance to move items if they don't quite look right first time. The backing can be a bit fiddly to remove, though you can get some where the backing is slightly wider than the tape so you can peel by catching hold of the overlap. Ranger's Wonder Tape is particularly strong and has a plastic-y rather than paper-y backing which is easier to remove.

I use foam pads if I want to raise an element up a bit. I have a few sheets of different thicknesses so that I can vary the heights of elements for more interest if I want to. They can be cut down to size for smaller bits and pieces, too. I only tend to use them for paper or card though, as the adhesive isn't as strong as some of the other options.

For smaller items that need a strong glue I've often used glue dots. I have some small and some larger ones to suit the particular item I need to stick.

I have been known to use a glue stick, but not often, and I can't now think of a 'category' of items that I'd generally use it for! I always have one in my little drawer of adhesives, though.

For small die-cut items, I find the mini Xyron really useful. You pop the little pieces in the top then when you pull them out the other end they've been turned into stickers. Great for small punchies or die-cut lettering, for example.

Last year, I got hold of some Glossy Accents. This is great if you want something to have a shiny finish and to be well and truly stuck down - I've used it to sandwich together some cardstock and acetate with tiny cogs and wheels from an old watch in between, and it was great for that. It does show when dry in that it is shiny, though it does dry clear, but that can become a design element!

And now, thanks to this class, I've discovered Claudine Hellmuth Studio Matte Multi-Medium (another Ranger product). This stuff is wonderful! It's incredibly strong - it will stick metal elements to your project, for example. It's easy to use - I have a small bottle with a fine nozzle for accurate placement, but I'm also planning to get a larger tub so I can use a paintbrush to apply coats of it to paper or cardstock. It can be used over the top of something to seal it, as well as to fix stuff together. And when it dries, it's clear and has a matte finish, so it's invisible - great for a messy gluer like me! You can also get it with a gloss finish, but it's the matte variety that has me sold :-) I think from now on I'm likely to use this instead of glue dots, and for many other sticky jobs too.

So, I still like my double-sided tape, but I shall be sure to have some of the Matte Multi-Medium in stock from now on!

Linda, I hope that answers your question :-) But I'd also be interested to hear from everyone else - what adhesive(s) do you use? What do you like best, and what do you like about it? Do you have different glues for different jobs?


Miss Smith said...

I'm a double sided sticky girl too! Plus the odd foam pad and glossy accents but that's it. I flirted with being a runner girl but having had three of them break, I decided it's not for me.

Heather said...

DST & foam pads for me along with cheaper versions of prittstick! I tried glue runners but found the replacements were too expensive :(
I have yet to try glossy accents & fully intend to when my finances decide to behave. My most recent tryout has been with a starter pack of Mod Podge which so far has been good ..... though a little runny!! Great post Mel xx

scrappyjacky said...

I use double sided when 'altering' but rarely for scrapbooking or cardmaking.Love foam squares for layering [so as you can imagine I get through a lot!]. I use Tombo liquid glue all the time....and their glue sticks as them.
And since starting the She Art class have discovered the wonders of Mod Podge....everything on my canvases has been stuck on with it....and it's plastered on top....and dries clear...think I'll be using it a lot now.
I only use 'glossy accents' as 'glossy accents'!!!! Find it a bit expensive to use as glue!!
Must look out for Claudine's one though.
Thanks for this post...have found it really's always good to know what others find really works.

Melissa said...

I love my mini-xyron, but also have the 2.5" and 5" that are very handy at times. My most common adhesive is two sided tape from my ATG gun. I also use Glossy Accents, glue dots, and a TomBow two sided tape runner. I have a glue stick also for occasional use. Gosh, that sounds like a lot, doesn't it! :>)

Lizzie said...

I like double-sided tape, but only for card-making really, as I find it's not lasting enough for scrap pages - after a while, the glue seems to dry up and the bits fall off. Same problem with those glue runners too - they're ok for lighter projects, but not for anything heavy or long-term.
I love my "Anita's Tacky Glue", which is an extra-sticky pva. It stickes lots of things, can be diluted, has a nice thin nozzle for thin lines or tiny spots of glue - and it's not very expensive.
For projects where I need a fine layer of glue, that is dry and doesn't show, I use an artist's spray glue - the expensive stuff is the best, as it doesn't leak through, is archival and sprays evenly. Worth the money!
I also have some Glossy Accents and the Anita's version, called "3D Clear Gloss Finish", which is good for giving a gloss surface, but not a good adhesive, unlike the Glossy Accents.
I will try that Matt stuff that you have suggested - it sounds good.
But overall, it's my Tacky Glue that I love best!

Gillian .... said...

Crafter's Ultimate Pick or Glossy Accents were my fav's until Artsycrafts when we were then shown the versatility of Matte Medium (my new fav now).

Sandra said...

I've been fighting recently with Herma - although, I still love it, just need to keep trying. I also like liquid glue, but tend to use double sided for cards only really, not sure why?

Cheri said...

My #1 go to is the double sided runner tape in my ATG gun - which is quite strong and lasting (meant for permanent framing, so it has to be good!). I also like double sided wonder tape (with the red plastic liner) for anything altered and for sticking down things like ribbon, foam squares for dimension, my Xyron in various sizes, glue dots for buttons and flowers, and tombow mono aqua when I need a liquid glue. And I still use Herma dots when I need things to be movable or removable. Truly each type of glue has its own use! I have had disastrous results with Mod Podge and would love a hands-on lesson if anyone wants to come teach me!

alexa said...

I'm a Herma Repositionable girl because I can never get anything in the right place first time!

Mise said...

Glue is not among my specialist subjects, alas, but I'm here to say I'm still smiling at your comment. Makes me wish I knew more about sticky stuff.

Anonymous said...

I love my double-sided tape runners--the American Craft dotted for cards and my ATG gun for scrapping. I use a lot of dimensional tape/dots and don't have a preference as to manufacturer. I have glue dots, Glossy Accents, Modge Podge, and several others, all of which I use at one time or another. Oh, and Scor-tape--I use it a lot for ribbon embellishments and when I need a very secure adhesive.

Maria Ontiveros said...

My ATG gun is definitely my favorite adhesive, bbut I use other things for specialty projects. Glue dots and glue lines are a favorite for metal, for example. Love gloss accents for certain elements, like flowers. I use mat medium for my collage work and PVA glue for book binding.

Sian said...

I use Glossy Accents a lot because it is so strong - so I am interested in your recommendation for the Claudine Hellmuth stuff. I might have to look out for some. I need a complete restock on adhesives at the minute - something in me resents paying good money for something you can't even see! False economy, I know.

Scrappi Sandi said...

All of the above!! I use a glue stick when I'm covering chipboard as, if applied to both surfaces, it allows some slip when you're positioning the paper! I've just discovered multi-medium adhesive too..isn't it awesome?!!!